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YOUGOLALA SparkPoints: (5,746)
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3/3/13 11:00 A

I love your attitude!!!
And I agree completely.
I'm a blues piano player and all my favorite role models played into their late 90's!! so I figure I'm barely halfway there
"rage, rage against the dying of the light" - Dylan Thomas

CYND59 Posts: 7,691
3/2/13 8:22 P

Tell my body that. It seems like I started falling apart a few years ago when I turned 50. LOL!

THENEWROSE Posts: 1,410
3/2/13 11:38 A

Trying really hard to believe that.

MI-ELLKAYBEE SparkPoints: (228,267)
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2/17/13 2:30 P

The problem is - it's a number that's DANGEROUS to acknowledge if you still need to work; it's a number that means you never (or VERY rarely)see your peers in magazines, on game shows, in fashion shows, etc. It's a number we work out and eat healthy to avoid looking like we's a number I may be forced to finally acknowledge when I'm 70! I TOTALLY AGREE that "Age is a number, and mine is UNLISTED!" - IT HAS TO BE - IN THIS SOCIETY, ageism is the final frontier of NO RIGHTS AT ALL!

BERRY4 SparkPoints: (261,012)
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2/10/13 6:57 P

Amen! My attitude about a lot of things has shifted (IMO) for the better. For the first time I "own" my age versus hiding behind the number. (I used to say: "Age is a number, and mine is "unlisted"!)
I'm proud of my accomplishments, and I'm seeking to lay the groundwork for health for the next 30 years. I'm still learning and growing!

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2/10/13 12:29 P

That's my motto, I am not stopping moving!!!!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 71,504
2/10/13 8:46 A

A "blink" ago I turned 50 and here I'm already 63, so the time flies. I'm reading Richard Bernstein MD's "THE DIABETES DIET" which is so worth reading. I have Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance (he says most all obese people have it) and I am understanding why I've had such a difficult time releasing fat. He has had Type 1 Diabetes since he was 12 and is now 78. He was told he wouldn't live past 42, so the man knows his subject. His lectures on YouTube are worth listening to.

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2/8/13 4:35 P


TWININGS12 SparkPoints: (17,330)
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2/8/13 9:51 A

Exercise is for everyone! Just keep moving and you body will thank you for it. Walking is good each and every day. I may be over 50 but inside I feel like I am 25 years old. Remember, age is just a number - don't let age drag you down the hole.

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