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7/29/10 10:48 P

I'm in the same boat you are and have friends who have the same issue to lean on. It's very common. I agree that strength training helps, but most of us have not dropped huge amounts of weight. I will keep trying but now work on keeping energetic and healthy. That way I feel I am successful.

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7/29/10 4:42 P

emoticon You will find LOTS of people here in the same, or similar situations. Look for the "Over 50 Teams" or for Teams that share your interests and hobbys.
Strength training should help some with toning and losing some of the Creepy Weight that has snuck back on.
emoticon Good Luck!!

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7/29/10 4:33 P

Hi all,
I am 49 and am trying to lose about 15lbs. In the past, I've been very successful on WW and exercise. (although I've obviously let some weight creep back on over the last couple of years). I find now that my weight seems to have shifted...I feel so round and the skin so loose. Is this all just part of the package that comes with getting older? Plus, it seems so much harder to drop the weight. It is discouraging! I don't have any friends who are in the same boat. Any encouragement will be appreciated.

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