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2008LYNN Posts: 7,617
6/18/09 5:46 A

I also thought 2008 was going to be the year that I reached my goal weight, hence the username.

Thank you for writing and sharing, it helps so much to know that others are experiencing slower success. I want to get size 14 jeans before summer's over. For me, that's high school size.

emoticon emoticon

LISA8521 Posts: 890
6/18/09 5:36 A

6/18/09 5:23 A

WOW!!! GRACE2GRACE,what a great post.Thanks for posting your success!!! Keep up the good work......

I went last night after work and bought 2 pair of jeans for work thinking I could have new pants to wear this morning, I tried them on and they were too big!!! Yea!!! I will return them today and get a smaller size.....I have lost 19 pounds and have 14 to go.....

KAREN214 Posts: 75
6/18/09 5:18 A

What a great feeling! Keep it up.

HANNAHV SparkPoints: (54,783)
Fitness Minutes: (62,495)
Posts: 6,774
6/18/09 4:57 A

What a great post! I can feel your joy, well done SP friend! Thanks for sharing, you inspire us!

6/18/09 4:50 A

Thanks for your thought provoking article that was soooo inspiring.Happy for you go girly emoticon

AALYA3 Posts: 18
6/18/09 4:47 A

emoticon woo hoo!! good for u! keep up the good health, gal! consistent and persistent is the formula!! emoticon

ECOAXUM SparkPoints: (19,372)
Fitness Minutes: (9,254)
Posts: 950
6/18/09 4:44 A

Congratulations. I am sure you will reach your goal of 7 pounds in no time.

SNEZ01 Posts: 80
6/18/09 4:42 A

WELL DONE!!!!!! Keep that grin going

LINDAC67 Posts: 1
6/18/09 4:32 A

Please tell me how you did it. Well done!

MICHELLEFROST SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (24,299)
Posts: 2,073
6/18/09 4:06 A

emoticon good for you keep up the good work!!!

ALARKIN58 Posts: 13
6/18/09 3:28 A

It's after three in the morning and although I'm trying to hurry through my mail I just had to respond to your post. What a wonderful, happy, uplifting post to read! Thanks so much for sharing it. You left me with a smile to go to sleep with. Congratulations on all your hard work! Here's wishing you continued good luck with everything!

Smilingly Yours,
Audrey Larkin

ALICEBLUE_EYES SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (450)
Posts: 39
6/18/09 3:11 A

well done, Grace2Grace! Your post motivates me even more.

FREEBRD06 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,834)
Posts: 355
6/18/09 3:07 A

Grace2Grace, I apologize for calling you Heather, my short term memory was sure that was what I read! I hope Heather was encouraged as well.
My encouragement is for the tremendous progress you've made! You are an encouragement to many. Keep up the good work! emoticon

FOODLES Posts: 26
6/18/09 3:00 A

emoticon emoticon u have done a great job... i had a couple of tears well in my eyes reading it. i am sure u r as proud as punch. emoticon emoticon
Blessings... foodles

FREEBRD06 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,834)
Posts: 355
6/18/09 3:00 A

Kudos Heather. You know if you're doing running cartwheels, you've come a long way back to the you that you want to be. emoticon
De Dopey

JUSTFOXXY Posts: 5,755
6/18/09 2:57 A

Congratulations to you, for your success, for your story AND for having a feature post.

Best wishes for continued success. emoticon

Oh and by the way, I've been checking all the informercials. Permagrin cannot be found in stores. It can only purchased with motivation, determination and life transformation.

Congrats again. emoticon

6/18/09 2:51 A

Great job, thank you for sharing your goal with all of us.

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DIVA600781 Posts: 208
6/18/09 2:45 A

It's what I've tagged 'The High ON lIfe Effect' lol! Congrats on your success, I've managed to get stretchy again and can almost do the splits once more, it's great I feel like a new person!

4MYPTS Posts: 2,192
6/18/09 2:36 A

emoticon You're totally an inspiration! emoticon emoticon

I too am loving sparkie and the goals I'm achieving as well as the endorphins kicking in!

Let's keep it up! emoticon

FRANCE51 Posts: 1
6/18/09 2:31 A

I read your message and I was thrilled for you. I don't know what you've done, but I'm beginning that you are the tiny minority and the rest of us keep trying, wanting to believe, inspite of the obvious evidence that the permanent weight loss is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.
I'm beginning to believe that this is not a fight worth fighting

6/18/09 2:25 A

Gr8 news, and gr8 story.
thanks for the motivation and inspiration.
Best of Luck !!

6/18/09 2:24 A

Great story, that is exactly how I feel! It is not about the scale, but the life transformation!

TAMWEB Posts: 7
6/18/09 2:17 A

That is super inspiring! I have recently also been going throught the work so hard and not anything shows, so thank you for your story!!

CHELMIE Posts: 6
6/18/09 2:12 A

Congrats! I am so inspired..and excited! For you and for me! I am so determined to lose what I need to this time!
THANK YOU for sharing! I hate fitting rooms, trying on clothes at this moment and time. I want that to change, and it will.
Keep it up! go girl!

MTER67 Posts: 2,141
6/18/09 1:38 A

This makes ME grin, too! Congratulations on your success and the great new pair of jeans! Woo hoo!

6/18/09 1:31 A

Conrats! Grace,

I barely lost three pounds you give me hope. was 347 today i hit 344.....doing two shakes and one meal

MARATHONMOM26.2 Posts: 4,610
6/18/09 1:29 A

Congratulations! I loved your post and how you wrote it - you said it all so well! Thank you for capturing the reason I love SP!!

6/18/09 1:24 A

Excellent! That is worth a perma grin. In the past year I have lost 22 pounds and have my daughter to thank for putting me in touch with SparkPeople. My goal was to someday not having to take blood preasure or Chclesterol meds. anymore. I do not take either now.

A.J.SHRINKS Posts: 63
6/18/09 1:15 A

WAY TO GO!!!! That's an awesome accomplishment!! I guess the gals from "our neck of the woods" are really doing something!!! Keep it up!!! emoticon

MOMMANEO Posts: 13
6/18/09 1:15 A

Woot!!Woot!! That is awesome! Keep it up, and thanks for the encouragement!!! emoticon

PJELLIS Posts: 1
6/18/09 1:02 A

Thank you so much for your post. I've just started this journey. It feels different this time. I, like you, wanted it off and off now. But I'm realizing that changing the way I think is key. So far, 9 pounds gone in 5 weeks.

Congratulations on the jeans resulting in the "perma grin" - I love it!

GOING-STRONG Posts: 6,923
6/18/09 12:46 A

I'm so VERY happy for you and the joy you are feeling is obvious! Life is good. All the best to you on your continued journey to health and fitness.

FLEMIDG Posts: 47,374
6/18/09 12:44 A

Congratulations!! It is great to see someone succeed who has worked so hard. You are an inspiration to all. emoticon emoticon emoticon

MAMABC Posts: 51
6/18/09 12:42 A

I hope to be smaller again so I can wear those skinny jeans.I used to have some of those,its been many years since I had any skinny jeans.So proud of you for getting there.I never could do a cartwheel,I'll just be glad to move and be comfortable doing it.

GYPSIE67 Posts: 24
6/1/09 6:15 P

You well deserve these congratulations Grace, you ARE an inspiration!
Thanks for sharing your story :)

GYPSIE67 Posts: 24
6/1/09 6:15 P

You well deserve these congratulations Grace, you ARE an inspiration!
Thanks for sharing your story :)

GYPSIE67 Posts: 24
6/1/09 6:12 P

You well deserve these congratulations Heather, you ARE an inspiration!
Thanks for sharing your story :)

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GRACE2GRACE SparkPoints: (32,370)
Fitness Minutes: (33,237)
Posts: 3,027
6/1/09 4:50 P

Okay its over the top now..."Couch Nicole".

This is the best day!!!

Thank you so much Nicole for the videos and for being so real.

You have helped me more than you know.


COACH_NICOLE Posts: 9,354
6/1/09 4:36 P


Great post! Congratulations on your success. I loved the part where you focused away from the scale and on more fun aspects like fitness and challenges. I think that is crucial--and goes a long way to motivating people to stick with it and really reach their goals. Congrats!



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GRACE2GRACE SparkPoints: (32,370)
Fitness Minutes: (33,237)
Posts: 3,027
6/1/09 4:09 P

OMG! I'm so excited "The SparkGuy" talked to me.

Thanks sparkguy so much for this site.

By the way I just ran thru the office telling everyone sparkguy talked to me. They are all wearing perplexed, who the heck is sparkguy expressions, but we all know here at spark and we think you are incredible and so generous spark guy.


EDUCGRAD SparkPoints: (108,859)
Fitness Minutes: (104,598)
Posts: 16,973
6/1/09 2:38 P

Amazing job!! emoticon emoticon

PATSDIARY Posts: 3,268
6/1/09 12:44 P

What an inspiration you are!! I admire your will power, and also your great attitude. Congratulations

SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (69,232)
Fitness Minutes: (58,527)
Posts: 14,337
6/1/09 12:10 P

Woohoo Heather - congrats on your healthy lifestyle change and thanks for sharing your story!


DANNYS_MOM Posts: 52
6/1/09 12:08 P


What an inspiration! I have so far to go, and it goes so slowly. I have a hard time staying motivated and focused, but after seeing your progress chart and reading your entry, I know I can do it, too.

GRACE2GRACE SparkPoints: (32,370)
Fitness Minutes: (33,237)
Posts: 3,027
6/1/09 11:47 A

I'm so glad if I was able to encourage you. So many people here have done that for me. I do feel amazing and like I said if I can do this....anyone can and its so worth it. I'm having so much fun!
Have a great day.
Baby steps will get you there.

6/1/09 9:45 A


AVY2007 Posts: 197
6/1/09 4:43 A

This is truly what I needed to hear today!! And it is so inspirational!!

Thank you and emoticon

6/1/09 3:11 A

GRACE, you totally made my day with this!
Way to go!!!

GRACE2GRACE SparkPoints: (32,370)
Fitness Minutes: (33,237)
Posts: 3,027
5/31/09 10:40 P

Its really blowing my mind!

The other day I went shopping and I don't think my feet were touching the ground when I left and I have a strange facial thing happening ...I think its called perma grin.

I used to hate shopping, dressing rooms were depressing...I used to wish they'd light them by candlelight so I couldn't really see what would depress me.

Now...I love shopping, I love trying on clothes and the fun of wondering what size am I now.

The thing that put the perma grin on my face was when I tried on this awesome black tailored shirt with a pair of (no way will these fit) size nine jeans.
Low and behold not only did they fit I looked amazing in them (if I do say so myself) My family flipped out too when they saw me.

Ever since then I've been just ...I don't know quite how to express it. Befuddled, Gobsmacked, standing in abject wonder. How did this happen? Why was I able to lose the weight this time, but was never very successful all those other years.
Truth is I still can't believe I've done this, I still can't believe thats me I see in the mirror. Why now!!! What made this time so different. Is that really me in the mirror or has my hubby and the suzy shier store teamed up to pull a prank on me with circus mirrors? lol

I really don't know exactly, why or how. What I do know is I owe a huge debt of gratitude to so many wonderful girls on spark who have encouraged me and motivated me, challenged me. Made me laugh some days when I felt like crying.
The NEW team with there premise of No excuses you can exercise 10 minutes on the days you specify. I thought well I can do 10 minutes... a week of that and I was off. The great challenges that brought out my grrrr factor and that desire to do well. Then there were some wonderful ladies from I can't do this on my own team and the great ladies from Fit fabulous and 40.

My weight came off and still is coming off slowly about 4 pounds on average a month. Usually 3 weeks with nothing then a week were I'd drop the 3-4 pounds.
I had a friend ask me how could I stay motivated losing so slowly and the best answer I could give her was somehow my focus had gone from the scale, to fitness goals, nutrition goals and really rocking the monthly challenges at the NEW team. Also over time I realized how I was losing weight over a months time not
each week. So I just got comfortable with the ups and downs of the scale knowing in another month it would be showing a 3-4 pound loss.

As I said in another blog first I wanted it off and fast, but now I'm grateful that it's coming off slow...its giving me time to learn how to live healthy, not just be on a diet for 6 weeks.

The other thing that helped me so much was learning the 80/20 rule.
80 percent of the time make great healthy choices and exercise the other 20 life happens enjoy it all. When things weren't perfect, if I was sick, felt unmotivated, or just went and ate some high calorie foods. That too would pass. There was no thinking I've failed. I'd just adjust my choices for the next bit. Life is always gonna happen...its not failure you just carry on. This sounds so simple so common sense...but I have to tell you this was a major shift in thinking for me. Once that really settled in I found some very real peace about my weight loss journey.

I'm doing so many more things now. I run, I swim, the other day I was doing flips on a trampoline, and get this....I discovered that at 44 I can still do running cartwheels 4 in a row ending in a round up. Whooooo HOOOO I feel like a kid again!

Every where I go people are flipping out and it feels so great getting those compliments....but that pales in comparison to how I feel inside of me. I think I'd
be proud of me....and I am...but inside I'm still looking in the mirror going did this happen. It certainly didn't happen on my own.

To all my dear sparky friends...thank you...with all of my heart I thank each one of you. To the sparkpeople company...thank you for this website it has truly changed my life.

It just totally blows my mind. I'm so happy as I write this I feel tears threatening...but they are good tears, that flow while I'm still wearing this perma grin.

If I can do this....anyone can and you can enjoy the journey. Its soooooo much more than weight loss or how you look. It is litterly a life transformation it touches every area.

humungous hugs,
Heather DAwn

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