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9/4/11 6:13 P

antipasto salad has no need of dressing. But, be mindful of the sodium.

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9/4/11 5:15 P

I'm cooking a big batch of 400-calorie "salad" right now. It's made from farro and roasted cauliflower, and I've added in some chickpeas, leeks and shallots. I've adapted the dressing to make it oil-free, with apple cider vinegar, fresh sage, maple syrup and mustard. It's based on this recipe:

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
9/4/11 4:20 P

Thanks, countrymama, for posting about your experience with the HCG diet, an EXTREMELY low-calorie diet.

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9/4/11 4:14 P

Just so its clear, the original poster was asking about the 400 calorie diet per MEAL (not per day) with an option of 3, 4 or 5 meals. HCG is something entirely different where you're restricted to 500 calories per DAY.

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9/4/11 2:35 P

Wow, Thank goodness you are ok. I have never heard of this HCG diet, but I tend to stay away from diets in general. If you eat cleanly (not processed foods, etc) 4 - 5 meals a day you can almost always stay within your targeted caloric deficit. You are so young glad it tuned out good in the end. Thanks so much for sharing , we can all learn from this! emoticon

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9/4/11 2:34 P

I read this book also..I thought it was pretty good..
But it is all the same...

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9/4/11 2:15 P

I came home from the Hospital last night after nearly dying from the HCG diet. I was on the diet for 5 days. Only on the restricted 500 calorie part of the diet for 2 days, after the initial gorge period. I woke in the middle of the night feeling awful. I checked my blood pressure and it was 66/37. I called 911. When the EMT arrived my blood pressure was 55/35. I narrowly escaped death thanks to the quick work of the EMT and emergency room. My veins had already started collapsing. The cardiologist at the hospital told me that people die when their blood pressure gets that low. He also said that I was lucky not to have permanent heart damage. I am 36 and he said the only reason I did not have permanent heart damage was because I was young and healthy. I couldn't believe so much damage could happen in such a short time. He said everyone's body is different on how long a starvation diet can kill them. Anorexia kills people every year with heart failure from the starvation, not necessarily being too thin. The starvation (500 calories) is what dropped my blood pressure to nearly fatale. I beg anyone wanting to try this diet to please learn from my near death experience. I almost killed myself by following this diet exactly and I would have left behind a husband and child whom I love more than anything. Please do not go to these drastic measures, because you may not live to regret it. Thankfully I did live to regret it and regret it I do.

GRACEFULIFE Posts: 1,705
3/29/11 11:15 P

Any diet that fits into your life, you enjoy, and helps you take in a reasonable amount of calories, macronutrients, and fiber is a good diet. Especially if those macros include some healthy fats and mostly complex rather than simple carbohydrates.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
3/29/11 7:24 P

I eat about 1800 cals a day.. and I am a 253 lb guy.
I eat 4 meals a day, so my avg is around 450.. but this is very reasonable diet.. might need to be tweaked for larger individuals..but this is the same diet advocated by millions of doctors, and dieticians.. 4-5 meals spread out evenly throughout the day.. this is not a new " diet ", unless there is more to it??

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3/29/11 7:00 P

4 meals x 400 cals = 1600 calories per day. You can eat it as 4 meals, 8 meals, 1 meal, whatever makes sense for you, your life, your body, your schedule. It's pretty much the same.

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
3/29/11 6:26 P

I got that book recently from the library and it looks interesting. It's called "400 Calorie Fix" by Prevention. Some of the combos look yummy and I may have to try them out when I get time.

Yes, she means 400 calories per meal, not per day, LOL.

BLONDIEGRRL Posts: 1,174
3/29/11 4:23 P

If you're talking about the Prevention Diet (the four, 400-calorie meals a day), I have the book. It's great! It's not really a diet per se. It simply offers healthy suggestions for 400 calorie meals.

3/29/11 4:13 P

My cousin told me about a 500 calorie/ day diet where you drink a lot of tea and water... either way, neither sound healthy.

READY2ROCK206 Posts: 500
3/29/11 3:16 P

While not specifically doing this diet - I average about 400 calories per meal + 2 smaller snacks. Last time I was in the bookstore I saw several cookbooks using either the 300 or 400 calories meals. I think it works pretty good - I feel like I'm less hungry since I started balancing out my meals rather than having a small breakfast and all my calories at night.

KRISTY1584 Posts: 187
3/29/11 2:56 P

Check into the new Hungry Girl book 300 meals with 300 cals or less. Her recipes are AWESOME!! Sure theyre not 400 per meal but if you add one extra 300 cal meal or 100 cals of fruit/veggies to the 300 cal meals youll be set!!

VKLINE326 Posts: 961
3/29/11 12:31 P

Sorry if that sounded rude... emoticon
I was just surprised and I apologize if that came off as rude...Absolutely not my intention

LIMONADE34 Posts: 925
3/29/11 12:26 P

"Wow, seriously people! 400 calories per meal and there are options for 3, 4, or 5 meals per day based on weight, gender, and activity level. "

LMAO the OP is giving attitude because she couldn't bother to include sufficient relevant information in the first post?

400 calories/meal is fine. If you want suggestions, try going to SparkRecipes and putting in the number of calories per meal. Or try googling "400 calorie meals." Quite a bit comes up. Good luck!

JONESINATOR Posts: 1,837
3/29/11 12:02 P

VK -

We were just responding as concerned Sparkers. Take a look around the forum for the 17 day diet posts and the HCg posts and you'll see why we all rushed to the most awful conclusion possible - because some of these "total starvation, undoable and so unhealthy!" diets are actually followed by people who haven't gotten the education!

I think it's worth a shot to research more if you're interested!

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3/29/11 11:45 A

@YellowDahlia: I was thinking the same thing. 400 calories a day would be very unhealthy. I wonder if they mean 400 calories per meal, so 1200 per day.

VKLINE326 Posts: 961
3/29/11 11:45 A

Wow, seriously people! 400 calories per meal and there are options for 3, 4, or 5 meals per day based on weight, gender, and activity level. Geez...400 calories a day is total starvation, undoable and so unhealthy!

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3/29/11 11:45 A

I just googled it and found a 400 calorie diet by Prevention in which you eat 4, 400 calories meals per day. Is that the one you mean?

9167111 Posts: 84
3/29/11 11:41 A

Never heard of it.

JONESINATOR Posts: 1,837
3/29/11 11:41 A

Just before anyone launches into a diatribe, we need more info from you and what you've heard.

Are we talking 400 calories per DAY, or 400 calories per MEAL, eaten 3-4 times a day? That kind of makes a huge difference.

If it's the former, 400 per day, avoid this thing like the bubonic plague. If it's 400 per meal, it's worth investigating as 400 calories per meal is a reasonable and often good number to aim for, depending on your fitness and weight loss goals, of course.

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3/29/11 11:40 A

Surely you don't mean 400 calories a day??

3/29/11 11:37 A

Haven't heard about it. And I couldn't survive on 400 calories. I don't think this would be healthy.

VKLINE326 Posts: 961
3/29/11 11:34 A

Has anyone heard of the 400 calorie diet? What were your results? What are your favorite 400 calorie combinations? It really is a healthy way of eating and easy to incorporate into any lifestyle since the main emphasis is on portion control. Just curious of anyone's thoughts...

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