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8/5/14 9:27 P

Day 55: What an incredible day! Played tennis and really moved well....lots of energy! Then came home and completed my C25K W2D2!

A great healthy day of eating! Feeling strong and feeling good!!

Till tomorrow....


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8/4/14 9:25 A

Day 54:

Yesterday was an easy eating day.....not very hungry...AT ALL...actually had to force myself to eat...guess I'm o.k. with that after having the binge day the day

I completed W2D1 of C25K.....that was tough.....enrrgy level just felt blah.....but I pushed through it and felt really proud of myself that I completed it without lowering my running stride......butttttt......I started my period this a.m. (5 days early)....that explained a lot to me...why I was so hungry 2 days before, why I wasn't hungry yesterday and why I felt so fatigued during my run....and why I went to bed so early last night and slept like a baby!!!!

Anyway, I've got tennis today, and next run tomorrow. ?...I am going to lower my stride run if my energy is still low......I've tore my calf muscle (1 on the left, 1x on the right)....both injuries while on my period and trying to do C25K with playing tennis.....gonna learn from my mistakes this time and take it easy on myself!

I also noticed I burn more calories at this time???? I wonder anyone else has noticed that???

Anyway, excited for another succesful day and my 54 day streak!!! Woohoo!


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8/3/14 10:08 A

Day 53:

So yesterday I binged. Ate too many graham crackers, had summer sausage and cheese on ritz crackers, and chocolate pudding....all in 1 sitting!! After I finished I logged it all in looked at my damage and went upstairs, took a shower and crawled in bed.

I woke up this morning with a clean slate and ready to move fwd....It could have been much worse, it could have been much better....but it was satisfying!!....and I'm doing this for life so I'm not beating myself up.

I thought today was August 2nd, but it is already the 3rd!!! Time feels like it is flying by right now and in no time flat I'll be at a healthy weight!!! I can feel it down to my core...definitely didn't feel that way when I first started, but I believe it now!

Starting week 2 of C25k today! Very excited! Always sweatie when I finish....feels good!

Proud of me for journaling what I ate and not thinking I'm a failure for my over calorie day.

Happy Sparking


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8/1/14 7:00 P

Day 51: Scale day. I've dropped 13lbs in 52 days....I originally was disappointed about this, but then I got over it real quickly. I'm 13lbs lighter than when I started and that was with 2 calf strains at different times preventing me from my normal highly physical losing weight when I had several weeks of the bare minimum of exercise is very positive!

My body is used to playing tennis 5 days a week for at least 2hrs at a go to doing a 20min. swim or arm exercises in a chair just couldn't compare.

So I have a feeling this next mth. will be better!

On a final's NO longer 40 til 40 it is now 27lbs til 40....& a little over 6mths to get it done....I'm in a good place!

Ohhh and I finished week 1 of C25K today with no injuries!!!

Woot, woot! Keeping the Spark steak alive!

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7/31/14 10:15 P

Day 50!!! A 50 day streak....woohoo!!!!!!!

I think my face looks thinner? You know how sometimes you feel thinner and other days you feel yuck....well today I saw a thinner face...teehee...

I tried a new concoction today......I cooked up some shrimp, chopped them up, chopped up some onion and mixed it with a little dijon mustard and garlic hummus...grabbed a small tortilla and threw some romaine lettuce on it and plopped the shrimp "salad" on was so YUMMY!!!! I will definitely make that again! Didn't taste "diet" at all....tasted scrumptious!!


Thanks for stopping by! It is amazing how much better you feel getting a great stretch in after a tough workout! I never thought I would be able to appreciate what I saw in the mirror until I was a "healthy" weight....and I am not even close to a healthy weight....hopefully in 6 mths (40th birthday) I will be ;)......but consciously focusing on "honoring" my body has made me look at it in a whole new way.

So tomorrow is Aug. 1st and it is the dreaded weigh in day.......I hope the scale reflects the way I've been feeling......I must remind myself that if it doesn't reflect how I feel I have 3 simple choices.

1. Quit and feeling helpless and defeated only to know in 3 more months I'll be overwhelmed inguilt and have to start again 3mths worth of more weight gain.

2. Go to extremes adding addtl. exercise and cutting more calories.....which will lead to me quitting cause I will feel severely deprived and feel I could never live like this permanently or

3. Keep doing what I'm doing (which is permanently livable) & celebrate each day trusting the process

Since I've chosen options 1&2 more times then I can count in the past....I'm choosing option 3!!!!

50 day streak!!! Wow, who would have thought I'd still feel this motivated 50 days in????

Ohhhh....and so proud of myself for jumping on the treadmill and walking for 40 minutes today...on what is normally a recovery day for me.....felt good getting in a couple miles while watching a show.

Awake, Alive, Appreciative of all that is.....excited to end this day on a high note!

Fingers crossed for the scale not to impact my positive place.


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7/31/14 6:36 A

Awesome Mandy,
I enjoy reading your journal, Thank you for sharing emoticon ! It must have been great to look in the mirror and feel good about yourself. I'm looking forward to getting there, I'm starting to see some muscle tone in my legs... It's been several years, with no muscle tone.
I'm re-learning everything at 48 yrs. old... I remember stretching before exercising, now the say stretch after; I'm into safety - I stretch a little before and a lot after.

ALM0226 Posts: 144
7/30/14 7:45 P

Dermatologist gave me a clean bill of health, but woah...that was a little uncomfortable.....wasn't expecting the strip

I'm excited I joined a Fresh for less CoOp group today for Organic produce.....can't wait to expand my horizons on new and different veggies!

One other thing that happened today. I finally understand what it means to "honor my body". I looked in the mirror and I was happy with what I saw......not the obese individual who has internallybeaten up her body, but I saw the body that has carried me through with zero health issues, or broken bones and every vigorous workout I've put it through.....I looked in the mirror and felt proud of myself for how I am honoring my body with wholesome, healthy food....hydrating it with lots of water and pampering it with proper stretching and yoga.

Really good day today and very excited about today and my future!

Having a Sparked day!


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7/29/14 5:52 A

I have my first appointment with a dermatologist this morning. I'm pretty nervous because I was a lifeguard for 3 years in College and NEVER wore sunscreen. Now I play tennis about 5 days a week....and forget to put on sunscreen all the time!!! I don`t burn so my only reminder is when I'm losing that golden tan and don't want to get to that deep "leathery" color brown....I'm sure I'll get yelled at, but I hope they don't find anything.....I don't see anything unusual so hopefully they don't either.

Today, I am honoring my body. I'm truly blessed and lucky that my body has treated me so kindly and allowed me to do so many fun, exciting things....and do them well. Again yesterday, a man commented on how FAST I am on the court. He thinks he got a perfect drop shot to surprisingly have me charge to the baseline to tap it back for the point. I'm very fortunate my weight hasn't prohibited me from being fast on the court......I'm so excited to see how much faster I'll be with each 5lb drop along the way ;)

48 day streak today....Had great meals yesterday....cilantro,lime chicken was SUPERB!!! That's a keeper!!!!

I'm proud of me!! Gonna have another SPARKED day!!!


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7/28/14 8:13 A

47 day streak! Couple of days of going over my calorie needs during this streak, but made sure to journal them in my nutrition tracker. Exercise going strong.

I put on a pair of shorts I couldn't even button a couple months ago and they hugged my thighs so tightly I'd never thought I would be back in them, but yesterday I put them on and not only did they button EASILY, but they were loose in my waist and thighs!!!! Hubby told me I looked like I had a saggy butt!!!

That is with only 12lbs lost (since I last weighed myself)....only weighing 1x a month to get over my scale addiction...(although I've cheated a couple times)...everytime I cheat (cause I think I've lost some weight) I'm normally a good feeling!! yesterday I avoided it and just celebrated the ability to get in to old shorts...clearly changes are happening!

Today is a tennis day so excited to hit the courts and sweat some calories away....more importantly, improve my game!

Cheers to Sparking! 47 day streak...Go Mandy!!!

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7/25/14 3:21 P

Awesome, lots of motivation and ambition. I like it :) Good Job!

ALM0226 Posts: 144
7/21/14 8:04 A

Thanks Mama for strolling through my public journal.....I actually went back and read what I've written knowing someone looked at really helps!

DAY 40 of logging in to Spark, drinking my water and logging in my food....woot, woot! When I started this journey I really didn't think I could keep a streak for this long and now it has become all about keeping the streak

I'm consuming a lot more calories in the morning now.....trying to get close to 500! Today was 2 eggs, 1c strawberries, 1 slice toast, 1/2 tbsp of butter.....and you full fat and sugar creamer with my coffee.....its just been to hard to get all of my nutritional needs in when i'm eating little 200 cal. meals all day....especially to get those carbs in.....They are VERY important.

Today I'm ready to start the C25k program again.....I think my calf is ready to handle it, but I'll start off slow and get it well heated before having to run on it.

40 days! I'm so fricking proud of myself!! I looked at my ticker and 201 days left til I turn 40......feeling very confident I 'll be happy with my physical appearance on my Bday!

Lol.....last I've been on a streak for 40 days, I wanted to lose 40 lbs and do it by my 40th bday, and my waist is 40inches right now......maybe I should play the lotery with the number 40!

Gonna keep on Sparking today.....C25K baby!

Go me,

MAMACHAE74 Posts: 1,097
7/21/14 3:02 A

Nice to read about your journey.

ALM0226 Posts: 144
7/20/14 8:40 A

39 days strong! It is getting easier and easier everyday! The scale is moving slowly, but its not bothering me this time.......I think its because I don't feel like I'm doing anything extreme? Same cardio I've always done....with some fun stuff thrown in there.......going paddle boarding today with my youngest...

But also most of the cravings have ceased......I do know those will come screaming back if I don't monitor my portions of "nutritionally unfriendly" food. :)

Doing well eating 80% of the time nutrionally dense food.

Waste measurement is down 2 inches in 39 days!! Woot , woot!

Keeping another sparked day!


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7/14/14 7:48 A

I'm tired of not being able to play tennis or run. :(

I had a hard day yesterday.....I had a mini binge of bad food......but the cool thing was it was a 1 portion

I ate 3 mini donuts, 2.5 cups of buttered popcorn......then 3hrs later I had hummus and carrots, almonds and topped off with 1 serving or ritz crackers with sharp cheddar cheese.......I could have had A LOT more, but I am dedicated to journaling and the more I ate the harder it would be to log all that food in so I stopped.....drank 2 glasses of water and went upstairs for the rest of the evening.....AWAY FROM THE FRIDGE!!!!!

When I logged all of my food in I was pleasantly surprised I didn't exceed 2k calories!!!!

Anyway, today is a 33 day streak.....I'm excited that there must be some small mental changes going on up in my noggin!!!!

Keeping the Spark going!


ALM0226 Posts: 144
7/12/14 7:23 P

Yesterday, I watched my tennis team get 1 step closer to sectionals. I coukdn't participate, but it was exciting to watch! I'm resting my leg so not getting my 10 minute exercise in.....I could swim, but I just don't want instead I'm being sure to eat clean and do arm exercises in between commercials at home.

I believe this will be a quick recovery as I can already walk on it with zero to minimal pain depending on how I walk.

Today is a 31 day streak!

K. So I don't feel like I'm motivated enough to be able to motivate others that are continuously struggling, but feel bad for not being able to say the right words to help them get on a positive path. I am giving up to God to help me find the strength and words to say the right words.

I LOVE READING ALL the SUCCESS stories....I so am looking fwd. to being able to eventually tell my story!

210 days til 40!


ALM0226 Posts: 144
7/11/14 7:04 A

Good and bad news yesterday. Did well staying Sparked, but . I'm doing this C25K program and yesterday I was supposed to run. Unfortunately, I tweaked my calf muscle playing I had to retire the game and couldn't do my running.

Happy I got my exercise in yesterday, but upset that I didn't get to fulfill my goal. Now I'll have to repeat Week 1. I noticed my abs are tender each day I finish running. I think that may be because the time is so short that I have to actually run I run much faster than my usual I believe forces my abs to work....and I'm liking it!

I am thinking I could swim or do the stationary bike for exercise today, but I will be getting some in......don't want to break my streak.

30 day streak!!!! Woot, woot!!!

ALM0226 Posts: 144
7/10/14 4:29 P

Yesterday was another successful day! I woke up and drank my water while I prepared a healthy breakfast. It hit me that I'm closing in on a full month of logging food, exercising and making healthy food choices 80% of the time. I also realized that I'm not starving, but I'm worried that I need to take in more carbs. to be healthy, but don't want those carbs. to increase my appetite!

I got my first complement from someone , who hasn't seen me in a couple months. "Mandy, you look really good! What are you doing? How much weight have you lost?".....normally, those complements start spiraling me backwards. I get les focused, I start feeling like I can loosen the reigns on journaling, hence serving sizes get a little larger and next thing you know I'm back to square 1.

Not gonna happen this time! I read an article that females have a waist size greater than 35 their morbidity rate increases my new goal is to get to a healthy waist size!

Anyway, another successful day done and dusted....feeling positive!

Gonna keep on Sparking!


ALM0226 Posts: 144
7/9/14 7:37 A

Another successful day yesterday!!! I burned 921 calories at tennis clinic then came home and did W1D2 of c25k. Buttttt. I git big red welts from wearing my heart monitor around my chest so the rest of the day I was slathered in`m wondering if it's because I had it on to long?

I ate well, but I realized it is impossible to get the proper amount of carbs by eating solely veggies and I need to throw in some starchy veggies more often....corn, potatoes....yesterday I grabbed 2 servings of Triscuits to get some carbs.

A little tired today, but getting ready for another SPARKED day....I don't want to break my streak. :)

ALM0226 Posts: 144
7/8/14 7:35 A

Yesterday was a great day! I got my closet cleaned out.....project I've been delaying on forever!!! I wrote a blog about my negative emotions and instead of eating away my feelings I felt purged so I ate very healthy, exercised and went to bed super tired but feeling accomplished and slept like a baby!!!

Today, I have another busy day at tennis clinic last night I sweated like I've never sweat was everywhere!!!!! Every pore on my body was beaded with sweat.....and more than the other girls in my was kinda embaressing cause I'm also the heavy gal and I'm sure thats what they were thinking....but I was curious as to why so much yesterday.....maybe too much water consumption? I felt fantastic so it obviously wasn't unhealthy.

O.k. on to another Spark Day.....spark streak of 27 days!!!! Woohoo!

ALM0226 Posts: 144
7/7/14 7:44 A

So yesterday I took one of those Phentermine pills that I had left over from a long time ago.....yes, they were expired....and cut my calories to 500....only drinking water and eating veggies and protein. I lost the 4lbs of water weight and 1 addtl. lb from my last weigh in.

I should be upset with myself, but I'm not. I could have thrown in the towel and severely binged in my pity party of 1, but I didn't.....I did go to an extreme, but today I'm back on course of healthy living (not weight loss damage your body living)....won't step on the scale again until August 1.

I'm doing the c25k challenge and I'm supposed to not do it today, but I really want to find another form of exercise and just not sure what I want to do.....hmmmm

Going to make me a veggie packed breakfast now and down some water....26 day streak, proud of me!

ALM0226 Posts: 144
7/6/14 9:26 A

Yesterday was hard and feeling frustrated and extremist. :(

I've been so proud of myself for logging on to Spark everyday, journaling what ive been eating good AND BAD.....especially on vacation.....but stepped on the scale when I got home and it showed me up 4lbs!!!!! I was devastated.....I know its not real weight gain, but I really thought I would have maintained on vaca. and showed a big loss in the next week after the sodium drop.

Now I'm depressed sitting here looking at how I can get a TRUE BMR test to find out how much I really can eat and if I'll ever get the right formula to healthy living.

I even grabbed one of my old weight loss pills that kills my appetite so this weight would fall off today and I could at least be where I was when I left for vaca.

Need to go shopping this a.m. and get focused on the future.....only have 216 days left til I'm 40 with a lot of weight to lose with 35lbs to go!!!

ALM0226 Posts: 144
7/4/14 6:47 A

So this last week I've been using my app. on my phone cause I've been on vacation. So proud of myself for still tracking everything. Not the best eating, but still getting my fruits and veggies in each day...and only went over my allotted calories 1 day...yesterday!!! But I've been making sure to exercise everyday and its been FUN, hiking, canoeing, white water rafting!!! I'm actually pretty proud of myself!

I'm on a 24day streak right now.....I past the 21 day (make this a habit) & accomplished this being out of my normal controlled environment!!!!

This morning I was thinking about how I blew my calories yesterday, but instead of being upset I started singing that song....."I get knocked down, but I get up again"....& felt pretty positive!

I saw 1 of my old Sparkfriends got back on spark...her and I seem to cycle back to Spark around the same time.....I hope we both make it a permanent habit this time.

Alright, I'm going Fly fishing with my hubby....good workout fir my arms , right? Lol....Happy 4th Mandy....I'm proud of me!

ALM0226 Posts: 144
6/28/14 7:30 A

224 days....getting here quicker and quicker! Yesterday my team played a double header in tennis. I played my first match at 9am SINGLES....paired against a girl who just turned 18 & in fantastic of my teammates wanted to card her because she looked so young......I was super proud of myself because I win the match cleanly! She is going to be a GREAT player once she relaxes her nerves on the court, but I was glad to say I beat a whippersnapper :)

My second match (2hrs hours later) was doubles against 2 women who both played back and we're your classic pushers.....I was so angry and frustrated because EVERY ball was , a TopSpin lob....and my partner and I were not feeling well on the court to be able to handle that type of game. We lostand it's hard, hard, hard to lose to that type of one likes playing it, but it is very effective because these girls have been undefeated for 2yrs! I`m very thankful they do not live in my district and don't have to play them again!

I made poor choices yesterday evening , but I'm not upset with myself. It could have been disastrous and I kept it under 2k calories so not beating myself up, just taking it do I know what I did!

Today I'm packing to leave to NC for a week to do lots of hiking and whitewater rafting with the family. Should be a fun week!

Still sparking strong!

ALM0226 Posts: 144
6/25/14 4:10 P

Wow....227 day til I'm 40......I was discouraged when I sneaked a peak on the scale and see it hasn't budged at all since Wed. last week....I've been very diligent, but weight loss is out of my control so I celebrated all of the healthy things I'm doing.....journaling, exercising, eating unprocessed foods! Sooo much energy and no headaches...YAY!!!

I know the scale will move eventually....and when it does I bet it will be a decent drop. ;)

In the mean time I'll keep on Sparking :)

ALM0226 Posts: 144
6/24/14 1:39 P

I took a 2hr tennis lesson and then needed to rush home to get my little one off to his game...1hr drive!...but I made a huge salad before I left for my practice so I could get home and have a HUGE dose of veggies as soon as I got in the door!

Proud of myself for being prepared for yesterday. Packed a little cooler with health snacks and dinner so I was prepared for the day at the ESPN complex.

Connors game was scheduled for 6pm but there was a rain delay so we didn't get on the field till 8:15....but that was o.k. because I was won handily....woohoo...and I felt great that I managed making solid food choices and staying on my streak!!!

Still feeling motivated and getting more and more excited as I watch my streak continue!

ALM0226 Posts: 144
6/23/14 6:43 A

Yesterdaystarted very early!!! Had to be out of the house by 5:30am. I ate a solid breakfast and headed out the door with va little munchkin who was dead tired....made for a grouchy were at ESPN Wide World of Sports and realized their selection of HEALTHY choices was zero.....oh, I could get a wilted looking small apple for $4....CRAZY!!!

I made the best food choices I could and couldn't wait to get home to eat a light healthy meal packed with veggies......I'm noticing I'm not as concerned with calories as I am about packing my body with vitamin/mineral/antioxidant power foods!!!

I also discovered that staying away from sugar and processed foods keeps me satiated with less calories! In the past I would eat in my calorie range but would be starving....hasn't been the case this least not yet.....only at a 12 day streak today....but I hope that holds true cause it makes this journey much more pleasant :)

ALM0226 Posts: 144
6/21/14 5:01 P

Woke up this morning, smiled with the rising sun, three little birds pirched by my doorstep....singings sweet songs, melodies were pure and true....saying this is my message to you oo ooh......

Healthy breakfast, 3 sets of super fun tennis with fun friends and then I was off to see my little ones basketball game...healthy lunch.....and now I have hopped into my bathing suit and plan on jumping on a raft in the pool with my book and Bob Marley as my ambience music......GREAT DAY!!!!!

ALM0226 Posts: 144
6/20/14 8:08 A

Fantastic nights sleep. Woke up and hopped on Spark. I never check my spark mail, but did today and found a message from someone trying to get healthy by 40 as well. I texted her this morning and it made me smile to know someone is in this with me now :)

Prepared my breakfast. Gonna read for an hour then hop on the treadmill. I always watch "Orange is the new black" while getting my hour walk in.....not allowed to watch it unless I'm on a

Another daily journal done another day closer to 40! Feeling positive!

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6/19/14 8:39 A

Didn't sleep well last night.....kept waking up and feeling hot.....even though the house was at 76 degrees....anyway got out of bed cleaned the kitchen, read my book for a 1/2 hour and now getting ready to leave for tennis singles this day......burn lots of calories....although I wouldn't have said that after I first woke up this a.m......anyway i had a spinach omelette for breakfast with 2 kiwi's and my yummy creamer coffee.....not ready to give that up yet.

Trying to decide what I want to cook for dinner tonight......maybe I'll post on the message boards to find out what others are doing?

Oh....I'm really proud of myself for going 3 days now without stepping on a scale!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 64,026
6/19/14 1:32 A

Just don't quit and it will happen.

ALM0226 Posts: 144
6/18/14 12:59 P

Traffic was horrendous today! It put me in a very anxious mood....Thank God I was on my way to tennis and a couple of other gals were stuck in the same hell I was.......I made Quinoa for breakfast today and I just really don't like it as much as oatmeal......but it could be because my oatmeal has brown sugar in it.....were the Quinoa has bluberries and banana to sweeten it.....hope I get used to it soon. Played 3 fun sets of tennis and now I'm a sopping wet mess so I'm going to hop in the shower.

ALM0226 Posts: 144
6/17/14 6:39 P

I have a goal of losing 40lbs by my 40th birthday. I believe daily journaling will help me get here goes.....I'm on a 6 day streak of SPARK and feeling good today. Had my tennis clinic today, but it wasn't as difficult as normal practiced a lot of vollying at the net and the girls were more chatty than usual (complaining about the heat) so Scott chose drills that didn't require a lot of feetwork. Proud of my food choices today and feeling very satiated, but debating if I should get in a little more exercise instead of reading my book.

Overall good day!

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