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3/21/13 6:53 A


Ive been doing this for 7 months once we hot 3rd April.

Thanks for comments

3/20/13 1:12 P

You shouldn't try to put behind you how much you've lost, because that amount of weight is quite an achievement to say the least! Congratulations

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3/20/13 12:04 P

Wow, that is amazing! You are my hero! How long have you been working at this??? emoticon

Sorry, but I have no helpful tips. I was three pounds from my goal weight and suddenly gained 10! emoticon So my only advice is to keep pushing, never give up, and know that the losses will slow. It'll be time to fight harder just when you're sick of all this. But look at your accomplishments already! You got this!!! emoticon

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3/20/13 4:41 A

what I did was to keep my body guessing what was coming next not stay in the normal routine once my weight loss began to slow down. I ate foods i had never tried before. I increased my veggies to maximize my calories and still not feel hungry, I tried all different forms of activity and on the ones I loved I did a speed increase.
I hope this helps you get to the 40 LBS loss you are seeking faster emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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3/20/13 12:39 A

I don't have any good advice for you, but congratulations on your achievement so far!

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3/19/13 12:17 P

WooHoo to the fact that even though a large number i only have 40 lbs to lose to be the lightest i have been since the age of 15... (Would be 28lbs but changes my goal target)

I really try to ignore the fact ive lost 112 or so lbs as this is in the past and im only looking to the future..

So anyone that has or is currently pushing to reach what they consider the last stage of the weight loss side of their healthy lifestyle be nice to hear from how you are doing it.. actually anybody with any ideas how to shed the last x amount of lbs be nice to hear from..

I am still dropping it off at relatively quickly but the motivation starts to lapse sometimes..

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