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40 40 20 percent calorie intake tracking

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4/24/13 7:21 P

Under "My Trackers" tab at the top of this page: click on my Nutrition: On that page, where you track your food intake, on the lower right side of the page, click on "Change Nutrition Goals", from there on it will explain how to edit your calorie intake tracking.
Hope that helps you to change it to your own ranges.

Edited by: J2740LOU at: 4/24/2013 (21:08)

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4/24/13 7:14 P

I agree everybody is different in body metabolism and Basal Metobolic Rate. For my Basal Metabolic Rate I use the ratio 55 Carb, 25 Protein, 20 Fat. Now this calculation is based on a number of things included the amount and type of excercise you do on a regular basis.

I went to a Sports Nutrition Seminar and had my BMR measured and then spent 3 hours learning how determining how important to know my sedentary rate caloric requirement; my caloric requirement for moderate to intense training......really interesting and best money I ever spent.

Posts: 6
4/24/13 3:46 P

Thanks maybe in the future, as many are tracking these ideal percentages which are different for each body type of metabolism.

Posts: 6
4/24/13 3:43 P

Thanks that works for tracking purposes.

Posts: 29,663
4/24/13 8:41 A

Sorry, but there isn't a way to do that. The report will show you a pie chart with percentages, but you aren't able to change the goal percentages in there.

Coach Denise

Posts: 11,489
4/23/13 9:45 P

there is an option on the NUTRITION TRACKER just under the date that has a Daily Feedback Report. If you look at the report and scroll to the bottom it has a pie chart with percentages of the carb/fat/protein breakdown. Maybe that will help.

Posts: 6
4/23/13 9:33 P

Is there a way to track/report a 40%carb 40%protein 20%fat intake so that my daily food tracking is shown in percentage to compare to my target percentage. I know I can calculate these values each day based on the grams of each consumed, but it would be nice to add a line/report that shows these values on my main tracking page.

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