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10/6/11 11:07 A

WooHoo! Not likely to be a sustainable rate for the long term, but what a great boost of confidence as you make your start!


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10/6/11 10:33 A

Amazing! Good for you! emoticon

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10/6/11 10:20 A


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10/6/11 9:49 A

I've been feeling so good about my first week into this that I just had to check out the scale. Since starting Saturday I'm down 4.4 pounds! I don't expect my entire journey to be like this but it's definitely an eye opener for me. I spent a few weeks focusing on what I was eating and how it was effecting my diet and then this was the first week that I was putting all of that learning to work! Just from focusing on eating certain things in moderation (like cheese and starchy foods-bread, pasta, potatoes) as well as learning alternatives to certain foods/drinks (the biggest one is that I don't need cream or sugar for tea but I definitely do for coffee-so I made the switch!) these initial 4 pounds have melted off! I'm super excited, yay!!!! I'm prepared to see that probably start to slow down but it feels great to see those numbers right off the bat!

Hope you're all having a great week too!!

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