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8/5/14 10:32 A

Fantastic , size 12 ...hmm is size ten around the corner
The corn is here ,bought chill whack corn on the cob yesterday , yahooo , more veges
Ate cake , small piece , not a tragedy , but a reality long term
Best thoughts everyone for this week

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8/5/14 10:11 A

Thanks L

Just finished my incline workout wearing the vest. This morning is not as hot as the last couple of I was able to wear it again.

My daughter and I went shopping yesterday morning and I was pleasantly surprised that the clothes I tried on were a size 12. I was in between a 14 and 12 for the last month or so...but I think I am mostly in a 12 now. Very happy about that. I didn't end up buying anything, my daughter did...size 2 and tall you look good in everything you try on!!!!

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8/5/14 12:39 A

Hi t ,
S and c lost weight , I gained a bit
Good to hear u r doing well

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8/4/14 6:45 P

L saw that you had a 2 pound loss, that is great. Keep it up

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8/4/14 6:44 P

Sorry I did not check in , I fully intended too but the day got away on me, and then today we had friends over, we have not seen in ages. ( well the girl that came over was our flower girl at our wedding and she is not 28 years old, wow and she now has a 2 year old. Ok for the real reason I am posting I lost one pound. not bad for not excessing , now imagine if I threw that in. For me L and S I am taking one day at at time, will try to be on the board every other day. Hope all is well with you all S awesome weigh loss L hope all ist well

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8/4/14 12:06 P

S-Congratulations on the 2 pound weight loss!!! Good job. I think once you get a schedule that will work with your job you will be on your way. It will also help when the kids go back to school...if they go back. I think you could do the stairs at WRock. Remember you and C walked up the stairs at Universal Studios in December. You have strong leg muscles. We should give it a try if it is not too hot our when you come into town.

I have always had that attitude when it comes to food. I wish I could be more discipline about it at times.

L-glad you are not cutting out the fruit. You could try and come up with others foods you like, such as oats. I have not heard from T since I spoke to her on the phone on Wednesday...we will have to wait and see if she posts.

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8/4/14 11:16 A

Super news s , congrats., 2 pounds is great
C how's exercise going
Hope t is doing well
The fruit continues

8/4/14 11:00 A

Hello emoticon
Last week I weighed in early and this week I am late emoticon I worked yesterday morning and I remembered on the way to work that I hadn't weighed myself. I did this morning and I am down 2 pounds, so I am very happy. My goal this week is to start exercising even if it's just for 20 mins a day. I won't have time today as I need to go grocery shopping and then I have to work. I hate having to drive into town and back and then go back again for work, however there is nothing to eat. My kids eat so much more when they are not in school, lol!

C - Congratulations on losing a pound this week! The WRock 1001 steps sounds tough. I am sure going down would be fine but going back up would be a killer. I wore my FitBit on the hike and according to it the hike was just over 2,000 steps, (there and back), and parts of it had the equivalent of 33 flights of stairs.
I need to have your attitude when it comes to food choices. I love that you eat what you want , (in moderation), and don't stress if it's something not considered "diet worthy".

L - Glad you were pleasantly surprised with your weigh in. I agree with C about not cutting back on the fruit emoticon

Have a great day!

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8/4/14 10:46 A

L- .6 is not bad at all. You might not have really gained at all as that is such a small amount. The amount on the scale is always fluctuating. I know you want the .9 so badly. It is always nice to move down a 10th.

Say Happy Birthday to your daughter for me. Try and eat some fruit and a handful of nuts before having some cake. It should help control the temptation to eat more cake than you want to.

S & T - have not heard from the two of you. How did the weigh in go? S-you know I need to know (lol) emoticon

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8/3/14 5:24 P

Weigh in , with great hesitation I weighed in today. I was expecting a five pound gain ...
I gained 0.6 lbs , what a relief
Now I have . 9 lbs to get to the next tenth digit ,
Challenging week ahead , birthday cake and lunch out
Hope everyone is doing well
I guess I did surprise myself c

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8/3/14 10:35 A

Thank-you L. I think I lost because of the exercise. It is funny but I'm not strict with my food choices...never have been. But when it comes to exercise...I'm very strict. I feel if I can exercise then I have to. It is one of those things that I can easily start skipping and once that happens I'm back to square one. So I push myself to do it the 6 times a week no exceptions unless I'm sick.

You're up early...hope your weigh in goes might surprise yourself.

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8/3/14 10:30 A

Congrats c , excellent job , a pound that's fantastic .even with some not so great choices you lost ....still exercising in the heat , wow
Drink lots of water ,
Weigh in later today , l

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8/3/14 10:15 A

I'm down 1 pound this morning. Now at percentage of weight loss since June 1st is 8.68%. and 12.3% since April. If I continue to loss one pound each week I will make my goal weight of 150. It is going to be tough as I know it will be harder and harder to keep dropping the lower my weight becomes. I like challenges, so will try my best to make it.

L & S - You are right, exercising is brutal in this was hard, but I knew I needed to do it. I use a misting bottle and was spraying my face and arms through-out the work-out. I also was drinking a lot of water.

I have bad meal choices during the week as well. Last night I had 4 slices of pepperoni pizza. I don't even want to know how many calories that was. I also hate mini cookie and crme chocolate bars. I craved sugar and wanted them. I don't deny myself something I want as I think it makes you want it even more. I try to eat just a little and then move on. I also try and eat a salad before eating something like pizza...although I didn't yesterday, but it helps you not eat as much. I think once you start exercising consistently the calorie burned allows you to have those bad eating days. Yet on the other hand, maybe if I didn't have bad eating days I would have lost more.

L- Glad you have the right attitude about it not being the end of the world. You have done great. Just focus on what you have accomplished and make note of what you would like to approve on going into the next week. DO NOT CUT BACK ON THE FRUITS!!!! Fruits are good for you, the calorie count in most fruit is not that high...fruit has fibre which fills you up. If you cut back, you will be hungry and then you might eat other non healthy foods. The variety we have right now in the summer won't be here in the winter so eat them now. I will miss the blueberries the most.

S-Glad you had fun camping. I would find the hike hard, it is the breathing that I struggle with as well. The 1001 steps is in Whiterock. There isn't 1001 steps, I think there are around 250 steps that lead down to a rocky beach. Paul Plakas took one of his clients there on X-weighted and made them do it 4 times. I did it when Jordan was in Kindergarten and nearly died going back up and I only did it once!!!! Maybe we can do it together early in the morning when you come into town. I'm know where near ready for the GGrind. That is so hard!!!!

Hope everyone has a good weigh in.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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8/2/14 11:54 P

I think what is vital , is that there is a plan in place for those moments where you feel like
You have fallen off the wagon . There were two meals this week , I felt like that
I'm picking up the pieces now
Not the end of the world , but still feel like I took some steps backward
I have to cut back on fruit , I'm eating too much I think
Good thoughts for tomorrow

8/2/14 11:35 P

Hi everyone emoticon
Sorry, I haven't posted this week. I had a busy block of shifts and then we went camping on my days off. Camping was fun and I didn't eat too badly. I did have some beer so I don't know how my weigh in will go tomorrow. We did go for a long hike one of the days and it was quite the challenge as it was quite steep. So going back up I really felt it! My leg muscles were fine but I was breathing rather hard!

C - I am so impressed with your exercise routine! You have been so consistent! I bet you are more than ready for the Grouse Grind. What is the WRock 1001 steps? When is it?

L - I too can't exercise in this heat. You are so right about this is reality and there will be times where we might not be 100% on plan, but as long we are most of the time it all works out. I know I have failed so many times by trying to be perfectly on plan and then feeling like I blew it the minute I wasn't and giving up.

T - hope you are doing well!

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8/2/14 6:24 P

Exercise in this heat , wow energy for me , too hot
Weigh in tomorrow , I predict no loss , might of gained , fluid retention

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8/2/14 10:20 A

I just finished my exercise for the week and it was a struggle for me. This heat is making it unbearable to work-out. It is so hot, even at 6:00am!!!! My garage has been like a sauna. I didn't wear the weight vest for the last 2 work-outs. It also is that time of the month, which also doesn't help with my energy level. But I'm happy I persevered and completed it.

How is everyone else doing with exercising? I know it is only 30% of weight loss, but it has so many other benefits that you can't get just from eating properly.

My eating has not been the greatest week, but not too bad.

L- you are right that eating out is a reality. I try to look at the calorie count on the menu before going out as it helps knowing what to order.

T- still waiting on an answer about the 1001 steps?

S-how was camping?

Hope everyone is doing well. Tomorrow is the weigh in. emoticon

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7/30/14 2:31 P

Good luck with the steps , that will be tough for sure , c
Congrats c on consistent exercise
I did not have a great food day yesterday , ended up going for lunch , other than the lunch ..the choices are perfect ...not slipping there
This is reality long term , there will be meals out
Looking forward to hearing how everyone is doing

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7/30/14 10:52 A

I haven't posted for a couple of days, but I'm continuing my routine of running one day and incline with the weighted vest on the alternate days. I really want to try the 1001 steps out in WRock....T do you want to come with me? I would have to go early in the morning as I don't do heat well. It will give me a pretty good gage of how ready I am for the G Grind. I think I know already that I'm not but hopefully it will be a wake-up call for me to train harder for it.

Tomorrow I have completed 4 months of exercising 6 days a week. I have not missed any workouts. Thankfully I have not been sick or injured. It really is a mental challenge as there were days when I wanted to sleep in but I told myself if I didn't do it in the morning I wouldn't do it at all.

L-That is fantastic you have started exercising. Take it slowly as you don't want to injure yourself. Thanks for the information regarding the dietician.

S-I thought your weigh in was early...but one day doesn't matter. It is better you weigh in a day early that not weigh in at all. I can't believe the amount of walking you do while working. That helps with your fitness level. I find I also need to have healthy food in the fridge so I'm not tempted.


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7/27/14 7:29 P

Hi s
Water helps for headaches
Try to not put pressure on yourself re exercise
It sounds like u get a lot at work

7/27/14 7:18 P

I weighed myself a day early, lol. I don't know why but I thought yesterday was Sunday! I have had an awful headache the last few days so I haven't done much. I did work today and according to my FitBit I walked 4.68 miles during my shift. I have decided that I am going to workout 5 days a week and do pretty intense workouts for those 5 days. Even though I have the best of intentions to exercise when I work the day shifts, I just know I am always too exhausted to actually do it.
I really need to go grocery shopping and stock up on some fruits and vegetables. I am really running low.

C- You are doing fantastic! I am very proud of you, you are almost at your goal. emoticon
Glad that your shins are no longer hurting.

L - Congratulations on the 1.4 lb loss, that is great! Good job on the exercise.

T - That's good you are getting your portions under control. That is a huge issue for me. I eat pretty healthily but I definitely eat too much. Lately, I have been a lot better though.

Let's have a great week ladies emoticon emoticon

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7/27/14 7:12 P

Good to hear t , congrats , c we will need to chat about strategies to ensure the goal weight , once there is maintained
I exercised today and yesterday , yard work , cut lawn etc
There are dietician s , mon to fri 9 to 5 at health link , 811
A good resource re diet , strategies , food options
Have a great week everyone

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7/27/14 3:42 P

Well down a pound. I find my scales are so different compared to W.W. or is it my imagination. but since I am not going there anymore I am using our home scale ( just needed a battery ) Well I am going to commit to walking three time at lunch, like I was supposed to at the start of our challenge. Well chat soon.

CARDAV42 Posts: 51
7/27/14 3:25 P

L - Great job!!!! You are doing fantastic. You are right, it is hard work mentally and physically. I think you have to make a commitment to lose weight and then focus on that commitment. There will be ups and downs on the journey, but you don't give up. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired you will make the change. I like what you said....there are no melt away miracles...every pound takes work. That is something I can attest to every time I'm on the treadmill working my butt off. emoticon But I love the results I'm getting but more importantly I love how I feel. My struggle is going to be to keep the weight off once I reach my goal weight. I have lost the weight twice before but I want this time to be the last. I find I'm motivated to lose but it is harder to stay motivated to maintain.

T- You did not specify if you are up, down or the same this week? emoticon

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7/27/14 12:13 P

Weigh in
I've lost 1.4 pounds this week , I lost the weight I gained and a bit more
Since week one June 1 , lost 14.7 pounds , since week two 16.2 pounds
An average loss of 8 pounds per month so far
I'm .3 away from getting into the next tenth digit , then I will focus on those ten pounds
Congrats c , well done
It's a roller coaster , gained then now lost
Yes maintaining is better than gaining , I agree c
Keep it going t ,
How's walking going t and s
Got exercise yesterday and will today
There are no melt away miracles , every pound takes work

CARDAV42 Posts: 51
7/27/14 11:48 A

T-Just keep going. At least your portion controls are getting better. Try to go walking on your lunch hours. Even if it is 3 times a week. Every bit helps.

S-Maintaining is better than gaining. Looking forward to your long post.

I am down 1.5 pounds this morning. My new weight is I'm down 14 1/2 pounds since June 1st and 21 1/2 pounds since April. I need to lose another 14 pounds by Oct 31st. It will be hard ...but I'm determined to give it my best shot.

7/26/14 10:00 P

Hi everyone. I just typed out a long post and then I lost it! So, I will try again tomorrow. Just maintained this week.

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7/24/14 10:48 P

Hello hope all is well, not the best week, but I am not giving up, keep on going. I am having a hard time at getting back in to my walking and the gym. Eating is going well. I am in better control of portions.

CARDAV42 Posts: 51
7/24/14 10:46 A

Thank-you L. I am trying to slowly increase my endurance to prepare for the grind. I try to up the weights in the vest once a month. I helps me to continue to lose weight as I don't want to do cardio for more than 45 minutes a day.

S - I work from I know I don't even walk 1 mile at my job. I sit for most of the day. 5 miles is a work-out. You will be ready for walking all day at Disneyworld where as I will struggle again.

L- I hope you are having a good week.

Looking forward to hearing everyone's success on Sunday.


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7/23/14 4:31 P

Excellent job c , fantastic endurance , good to hear about the five miles walking you do at wrk s
The grind is a challenge for sure
The prep ...yikes

CARDAV42 Posts: 51
7/23/14 4:01 P

Yesterday I did my 45 minute incline routine wearing the weighted vest.

Today I continued my 5K challenge with running for 1 minute and then walking for 90 seconds, repeating for 30 minutes. I'm finding the increase of speed a challenge. But I do like a challenge.

I also did my arm work-out. I increased the weights I use for my bicep curls.

S-I think the problem was the way I was running. I have adjusted and have not had any pains since. I do enjoy running as it is hard and I feel like I'm getting a good workout.
Glad your back on track. 5 miles is amazing!!! Good to hear the food prep is working for you. Remember we have the Grind in August when you come in town. I'm scared to do it and feel like I'm not prepared mentally for it. What about you?


7/23/14 1:28 A

Glad you were able to register L emoticon

T - Try not to worry about the 2 pounds. The main thing is to get right back to healthy eating and exercising and those 2 pounds will be gone. emoticon

C - That's emoticon that you are doing the 5k challenge again. Remember to listen to your body and if you are feeling pain back off and do something low impact for awhile. I would just hate for you to end up with an injury. I miss running so much and kick myself for not stopping when I was experiencing pain.

I have done well this week with my food. I have been planning and prepping my meals. It has been so busy on my 2 day shifts this week that I have come home and napped. Good thing I walk so much during my shifts! According to my FitBit I average about 5 miles. Tomorrow, I move to evenings so I am going to do a workout before I go in. I might just have to plan to work out 5 days a week and make my two day shifts my rest days, or just do a stretch workout on 1 of those days.


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7/21/14 1:19 P

Hi all , lets see if this works

CARDAV42 Posts: 51
7/21/14 10:32 A

T-Don't worry to much about a weight gain. I know it is discouraging, but use it to move forward. Take a look at this past week and see where you could have done better. Start this week making one small change consistently through-out the week. It will make a difference in the long term. I like L suggestion of walking each night on the dyke. What we eat is 3/4 of the battle when it comes to weight loss, but exercise has so many benefits...including weight loss, lower blood pressure, good for your heart, muscle building etc.

I decided over the weekend not to run more than 30 minutes a day. Partially because of my age and also I don't want to risk injury. So today I started the 5k challenge from the beginning but this time at a higher speed. I enjoy running so will continue the program a second time. I also did 15 minutes of strength training, focusing on my arms. Still hate it, but it is becoming part of my routine...which does make it easier.

Hope everyone has a good week. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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7/20/14 10:00 P

Well up two pounds, but not going to be discouraged. I need to focus and get in the game. I decided to quit WW and just keep with our challenge, and save apporx $55.00 a month.

Thanks guys.

7/20/14 2:59 P

C- I think you are right regarding it's going to be harder to drop the weight the closer you get to your goal. You have the right attitude though! Continue focusing on how good you feel and know changes are happening even when the scale doesn't show it.

I am down 1 pound this week. I could be doing a lot better so I need to pick it up! I need to plan and prep my meals and snacks especially for the days I am working. When I fail to do this I end up just eating whatever is the quickest.

L & T hope you are bith doing well!

CARDAV42 Posts: 51
7/20/14 10:00 A

S-My shins didn't hurt yesterday, but I will be careful going forward. The last thing I want is to be injured. I haven't done a step work-out in years. Glad your back on track. I find it is hard to start but much harder to continue...but after the first 6 weeks it becomes a routine and I just wake up and know I have to work-out

I am only done 1/2 pound this week....165.5. I'm not surprised. I think at this point it is going to be harder and harder to drop the weight. But I'm not discouraged as I'm in smaller size clothing and I feel great. I will keep working out 6 days a week and continue with the strength training. Slowly but surely the weight will come off. I just checked my BMI and I am no longer categorized as "obese" but am now "over". It is a small, but rewarding change. It also motivates me to get down to the "healthy" range.

Looking forward on hearing how everyone else did this past week. emoticon

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7/19/14 11:04 P

Congratulations C on completing the 5K - that is awesome!! Glad to hear your shins didn't bother you. Please be careful moving forward though as the pain you described to me is exactly how my stress fracture felt.

Yesterday, I did a step workout by Cathe Friedrich, ( she is my favourite fitness instructor), and I used a weightlifting dvd to work my chest and back muscles. I was going to go for a walk today, but it was so busy at work last night and my feet were sore. I played some soccer with my son though this afternoon.

CARDAV42 Posts: 51
7/19/14 10:43 A

I didn't have sore shins after yesterday's run. I think changing the way I run helped as well as icing and the exercises I did.

Today I decided to switch things up and walked on the treadmill for 1 hour at an incline 1 and speed of 3.6. At the end of the 1 hour I had walked 3 1/2 miles. I will hook up our wii and this afternoon and will do my strength training.

Now that I have completed the 5k challenge, I think on Monday I will start over at a higher speed. I will try 5 mph and see if I can do it. I really don't want to increase my time running...30 minutes of straight running is plenty for me.

Not sure if I'm down this week as I have consistently weigh the same all gain and no loss...but will see tomorrow.

Hope everyone else is doing well!!!! emoticon

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7/18/14 10:49 A

Today I completed my 8 week 5K challenge!!!! I ran for 30 minutes and slightly adjusted my speed by increasing it by .2. At the end of the 30 minutes I had ran just short of 2.5 miles. It was hard work. I had to keep reminding myself of something I read on Pinterest "your legs are not giving out. Your head is giving up. Keep going." This was so true, as I felt great during the run, but felt like I needed to quit. Glad I didn't!!!!

S - thank-you for the information on shin splints. I looked it up and saw that I needed to ice my calves, which I did through out the day and then I started strengthening exercises for my calves. I also read online that it might have something to do with the way I was running, by slamming my heels while running. So today I adjusted my running and became more aware of how I run. I will know later today if the pain is still there. I wanted to complete the 8 week was going to run today no matter what. Now I have to decided what to do starting on Monday....either start again and increase my speed...or keep my speed but increase my time.

S - It would be nice to go walking 3 times a week along the water. C is a good son for going with you. 20 minutes on the Stairmaster is great. I couldn't even do 5 minutes on it. Glad your back on track. Make your health your focus....that is what I'm trying to do.

T-.8 isn't that bad...In reality we all gain and lose little amounts through out the week. My scale can read 1 pound heavier one day and then the next it will read 2 pounds less. Just take baby steps and keep going!!!! I know you can do it, believe in yourself and make small changes.

emoticon emoticon

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7/18/14 3:57 A

C - How are your shins today? Is the pain in both shins? If so it sounds like shin splints which are very annoying. Make sure you warm-up your shins before running and stretch them good afterwards. To warm them up simple exercises like toe taps or drawing the letters of the alphabet with your foot are good. If the pain persists you really should take a break and switch to another exercise as it will only get worse.
Great job on your exercise!

T - See if you can switch your username, if not you could always register again and pick a different username. .8 pounds after a vacation is good. I know if it was me I would be up at least 5 lbs! Sorry about your Aunt.

I feel like I got back on track today. I ate well, tracked my foods and did a 20 minute workout on my Stairmaster. I felt so good afterwards. According to my FitBit I walked 11,930 steps today, which worked out to be 4.92 miles. Now I just have to keep it up!

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7/17/14 8:06 P

Ahh using my full name oh well, gain .8 for my two weeks of Holidays, not bad, but feeling really down. Aunt has two areas of Cancer and they are not sure what treatment. But I have to prevail.

CARDAV42 Posts: 51
7/17/14 10:11 A

Today I worked out for 40 minutes. Once again I did my incline routine but have added 8 pounds to my weighted vest.

I'm nervous about tomorrow as it's my running day and I run for 30 minutes. If my shins are hurting I may have to scale it back. I don't want to injure myself and not be able to do any exercise.

Looking forward to hearing how everyone else is doing emoticon

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6/28/14 3:02 A

I had another good day today. It's amazing how much better I feel just after two days of exercising and eating right.
I worked the morning shift and while I was tired, when I got home I did my workout right away. I knew if I waited I wouldn't have ended up doing it. I just have to keep it up. Today, I used my Stairmaster for 20 mins and then did a 31 mins weight workout for my upper body. According, to my heartrate monitor I burned 385 calories.
I ate well today. I planned ahead and made all of my meals and snacks and packed them for work. I ate smaller meals every 4 hours or so and what a difference it made. I felt full and satisfied.

I hope everyone is doing well!

6/26/14 9:13 P

Looks like it's just you and I C but I hope L and T join.

I have had a good day today. I did a 40 minute Firm workout and wow am I out of shape. I used to find the newer Firm workouts rather easy, but boy was I breathing hard and sweating. I know if I stay consistent I will get back to where I used to be.
This afternoon I planned out my meals for the next 4 days, as I am back to work tomorrow and I know if I don't plan ahead I won't stick to theprogram. I already have most of my meals prepped and in tupperwares. It's amazing how much food you can eat when you are eating cleanly.

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6/24/14 3:44 A

Awesome job C! You really are doing great! It's so true that clean eating will make you feel so much better. I remember from years ago when I was "living healthy"

Today, I started the 21-day fix and I can tell it's the right plan for me. It's going to keep me on track with my portions. I know I will be preparing more of my meals from scratch rather than just eating processed food. However, I am going to have to make the time to plan and prep, because I know if I don't I will resort to grabbing whatever I can.
Today, I made a quinoa stirfry and brought it to work to have for dinner. I loaded it up with veggies and a small amount of ground chicken It was so delicious, and very filling.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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6/22/14 10:57 A

Hi Everyone,

Week three weight in is here

I weighed 169.5 this down 1 pound. I was quite upset about only a 1 pound loss considering how hard I am working, but I was reminded just how far I have come and that put everything into perceptive.

1. Week 1- 4 pound loss

Week 2 - 4 pound loss

Week 3 - 1 pound loss = 9 pound loss in 3 weeks and have now lost a total of 15 1/2 pound in total since April.

2. I feel really good. I never thought eating clean would make me feel this great, but it does make a big difference.

3. I just completed week 4 of my 8 week 5 km training and have continued to work out 6 days at week for 45 minutes.

Where I have failed is in the strength training. For some reason I don't like it and find it so difficult to want to do it, but I know I will need to start.

Hope everyone else had a good week.


6/19/14 5:20 P

Here are a couple of really good article about weight gain, and weightlifting myths:

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6/19/14 4:52 P

Today, I am going to do a weightlifting dvd by Cathe Friedrich. I will be working my chest and back. I am starting a 5 week rotation which I think will help keep me on track.

How is everyone else doing?

6/18/14 2:46 P

I set up this thread for a group of friends who are having a friendly competition. It started June 1st and runs through until October 31.

Weigh-in day Sunday. Just record percentage of weight loss each week.

Initial weigh in will be June 1st. The challenge ends on October 31st. The person on October 31st would loses the most percentage of weight wins. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. You should weigh in each Sunday morning if possible and record your weight. The last day of each month you should email me your percentage of weight loss for the month. This will help motivate us. The person on October 31st would loses the most percentage of weight wins. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
Each of us will put in $2.00 a week or $40.00 total for the 20 weeks. The prize will be split as below:
1st wins $90.00
2nd wins $50.00
3rd wins $20.00

To calculate our percentage of weight loss use the following -

Below are our goals.

Ls Goals are:
1. Lose minimum 10 percent of body weight
2. Exercise everyday that I don't work , total ..2.5 hours per week minimum
3. Increase fruit and vegetable intake
4. Increase water intake
5. Cut back on carbs
6. Once a week eat one meal, whatever I want
7. No processed foods
8. Eat when I'm hungry only
Her motivation is to live a long life for my kids

Cs Goals are:

1. Run/walk at 5k
2. Try and do the Gr Grind in August
What I commit to is:
1. Cardio work-out 6 days a week for 45 minutes a day
2. Weight training 3 days a week for at least 15 minutes I hate weight training
3. Eat clean if it is not real food then Im going to try and not eat it
4. Try and eat between 1,200-1,400 calories a day
What will motivate me is my health. I want to stay healthy!!!

Ts Goals are:
1. Lower her blood pressure - do not want heart disease or have a stroke
2. Lose weight for Cancun in April 2015
3. To beat C

Ss Goals are:
1. I would like to lose 20 pounds in 20 weeks, but hopefully more.
2. Get my fitness level back to where it used to be, or at least close to it.
3. Do the Grouse grind with C in August.

I am committing to:

1. Exercising at least 4 days a week but preferably 5 days a week. I will be doing a combination of cardio and weight workouts.
2. Log my foods every day and stay within my daily calorie goal.

I think the hardest part for me is going to be working out on the days that I work 7-3. I have to get up at 5 am in order to get
to work on time and then I am exhausted when I get home. I need to find a way to get it done though!

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