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4-hour binge...feeling ashamed now

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1/22/13 7:54 A

I know how you feel, but be patient and forgiving of yourself! Our bodies have an amazing ability to recover from bad eating as long as we are conscious of our choices the next time we put something in our mouth. No worries! Stay the course of good health!!

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1/21/13 10:30 P

Oh no im so sorry this happened next time come here first!!! I hope things get better!

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1/21/13 5:51 P

I'm sorry you feel badly right now but you need to be kinder to yourself.

No hating your body. Your body has done and will continue to do marvelous things for you, regardless if you don't feel the love right now.
Honestly, I''m not trying to minimize your statements nor just saying this to try to make you feel better, but you could have done a lot worse! At least you have some healthy stuff in that eclectic mix! So hey - you've got that going for you.

Deep breath; do not skip dinner or what ever your next meal is. Trust me on this - your journey now is bigger than what you just ate. Focus on replacing old bad habit - like 'punishing' yourself w/ tons of exercise or sending yourself to bed w/ no supper - w/ healthier attitudes towards food.

Literally tell yourself, "Well, I guess I ate a bit off plan. Oh well - what healthy thing can I plan for the next meal?" It's as simple (and as complicated) as that!
Then plan your next meal - get some protein and some veggies in there - and call it a day.

Use this as an opportunity to help develop new habits. Every single one of us has been where you are (binges, family issues, etc.), so know you're not alone and you can absolutely do this! Stuff happens; it's how we deal with it that really counts.

No more hating your body, okay?
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1/21/13 5:13 P

Nobody can push our buttons like family members. Stop beating yourself up. You obviously feel bad enough. You have another chance at dinner. And, yes, you should still eat something healthy tonight.

Perhaps you can explain why your mom's comments mad you so mad. I don't get it. A lot of people have a hard time believing diet and exercise is what it takes because it is so simple. What did you think she was saying?

Although you can't control what your mom says, you can control how you respond. Since this is likely to happen in some fashion again, maybe you can write down some better strategies and encouraging, positive messages to yourself. And when you are feeling overwhelmed, you can pull this paper out. It may take a few times, but you can create a habit of making more positive choices.

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1/21/13 4:37 P

You admitted to someone that you did binge. That is the first step. good job.

The next time you feel like binging write down why you want to binge.

It really does help

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1/21/13 11:18 A

Ok, so you binged. Now, you just have to put it behind you- and believe me, I know how hard that is. It's not logical or rational, but after eating well for a while and then taking a binge or a cheat day, you physically FEEL fatter; you can feel it on your body and you can see it in the mirror. When it reality, we all know that's ridiculous.

Me, I've been struggling with the balance of "who I am"-- which is a person who is overweight because of poor eating habits; and who I want to be-- which is a healthy person with a healthy relationship with food who doesn't have any problems eating healthy because that's just the lifestyle I have. It's tough because I think we all expect it to just happen overnight because that's what we want so that's how we'll be, and then when we slip we beat ourselves up like this. Me, I had an entire cheat day yesterday, starting with French toast for breakfast at cracker barrel, and ending with freakin' carnitas and nachos for dinner. So yea, I felt like a big screw up this morning, a big fat screw up. But I am trying to keep in mind that this is all a process. That I'm not on the Biggest Loser, I'm not at risk of being voted off for my screw up yesterday. I just have to deal with the fact that I screwed up and try to figure out why so that I either don't screw up next Sunday, or at least screw up less! Because I love food.. I love going out to eat and trying new foods or just eating the same old tried and true, and some of my favorite foods are like the opposite of healthy. Because of that I used to actually think that I'm just destined to be a fatty- but why?1 Because I like certain foods? No, I don't have to eat those foods all the time, I can have them in moderation every now and then.

Maybe your issues are similar to mine in that we both need to find a balance. Maybe if you allowed yourself a handful of chocolate chips a couple nights a week, you wouldn't immediately go for them when you're in need of comfort. And me, maybe if I gave myself a teeny tiny little "cheat" a few days a week I wouldn't feel the need to have an all out binge day on the weekend.

Anyways, I hope you stop beating yourself up. You've admitted you messed up, now admit that you may mess up again, but mostly just get back up and back on it. You had a little lapse- you didn't totally fail, you're still in this.

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1/21/13 11:00 A


Take some deep breathes. You are NOT a bad person or an unhealthy one because you ate too much in a four hour stretch. Have you read any of the great Spark articles on stopping a binge ? If not, I'm going to start you with this one. When you feel an urge to overeat, try some of the techniques in this article.

When you feel an urge to eat, try having a big glass of water. Some times hunger isn't really hunger, but thirst. If you still feel hungry, ask yourself what you eat during the day ? Were those foods filling ? If not, try to eat foods that keep you full for longer so that you don't feel hungry later. Are you eating enough high fiber foods ? If not, try to get more fiber into your diet. Eating high fiber foods helps us stay full for longer.

And if you are eating because you're stressed out, then you need to find other ways to reduce your stress. I am a firm believer that stress is a neglected aspect of weight gain. If a person could reduce their stress, they'd automatically reduce their waistline.

Mostly, you can't beat yourself up because you ate too much. These things happen. If you feel that you're binging too often and feel out of control when it does happen, then perhaps it's time to seek some professional help. Have you ever discusses your binging with your doctor ? If not, start with your doctor. a good therapist can help you work through the issues you're having with food. don't be afraid to talk to your doctor. they can help.

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1/21/13 12:17 A

Hey, it is never too late to come on here and let out what you need to let out. I am actually trying to stop myself from binge eating right now. I have been running around doing other things to keep me occupied so I do not go over the deep end and sit down and eat a bag of baked lays. It is helping a little bit but as soon as I go into the other room I am probably done for. I am going to talk myself into grabbing some veggies and an orange and take a few deep breaths. I am on right now if you want to message me.

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1/21/13 12:01 A

Hey, It happens. Now is what counts. Are you going to let it keep you down? Are you going to let someone's snarky remarks ruin all your progress OR are you going to enter every last thing in your tracker, make up what you can by staying on the low end of your calorie range for the rest of the week, and kick up the exercise to help make up what you cant with diet adjustment?

You can do this. just take it in stride and drive on. You've got it!

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1/20/13 11:43 P

i feel so gross

in the span of 4 hours, i have eaten:
1. one chocolate danish
2. one sushi pizza
3. one crunch sushi roll
4. one cup of yogurt with honey
5. one tin of tuna
6. 1.5 cups of chocolate chips
7. 2 cups of homogenized milk

WHY??? i was so upset about a family fight, and just couldn't stop eating to comfort myself

i have been doing so well, but clearly I HAVE ISSUES!

my stomach is about to explode

it's silly to click the panic button now, since i should have clicked it 4 hours ago

i am so disgusted by myself

i hate my body

the ironic thing is that my family fight was that my mother (who I have big time issues with) thought i was losing a bit too much weight and wanted to know my "Secret" - and didn't believe me it was diet/exercise.... she always tries to slide in a snide remark....


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