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2/28/13 10:15 A

My mid-afternoon snack is 1/2 cup Greek yogurt, fruit, and 10 almonds

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2/27/13 6:59 P

I usually have fruit (apple, pear, grapes) along with yogurt.

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2/27/13 6:38 P

For your 3:00 slump, bring a couple clementines to work with you, or an apple or pear, or a handful of pitted dates (these are my candy.) Walk PAST the CVS store and continue to breathe the fresh air- skip the candy aisle. The candy is only going to give you a temporary fix and a crash later.

2/27/13 6:37 P

My favorite 3 pm pick me ups are: apple, cheese stick, almonds. Any type of fresh fruit would do. Can you also extend the walk to a 15 minute one? Sometimes getting some exercise can be the best way to wake up :)

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2/27/13 6:06 P

By eating. :) I eat healthy snacks a few hours after lunch to compensate for that energy crash. If you're crashing, you also might want to look at your nutrition in the first half of the day to ensure that you're getting adequate fuel for your needs.

Looking at your trackers (Thanks for that, by the way, that helps make answering these questions a LOT easier) you aren't getting a lot of protein.

For that matter, your evening meals are too light, and include a lot (300-400 calories or more) of alcohol on top of light nutrition, leaving your body wanting. For example, look at your meals on the 24th... more than half of your daily calories are coming from drinks, and 400+ of those are the alcohol, leaving you with barely over 1000 calories of actual nutrition. That's not enough fuel for your body.

I t hink the problem is that your body is inadequately fueled overall. You tend to make healthy choices, but they're all mostly low in protein, and you overindulge in liquids/alcohol or candies.

As another example, look at your day on the 16th; you burned 400 calories running, but only got 893 calories of actual nutrition. That's simply not adequate, and it's no wonder you're running out of steam!

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2/27/13 5:32 P

I work an office job, and everyday, between 3 and 4pm, I get really low energy. In the past, I have always used this opportunity to walk to the CVS next door and buy myself a pick-me-up snack--usually candy.

Obviously I'm trying to break that habit, but I still get that lull around 3:30. Any suggestions on a snack that might be a good high-energy choice? How do you deal with the low energy that can hit mid-afternoon?

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