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7/30/11 2:57 P

emoticon Don't quit. Stay with it.

Eating sugar/refined starches raises our blood sugar and pumps out INSULIN, so we need to stay away from high glycemic foods and have more proteins and healthy fats. Eat low sugar fruits like apples, pears and cherries and have veggies. emoticon

Atkins is a good diet to get weight off to begin with.

7/20/11 7:13 A

Thanks for the advice, I have gotten my scale and am weighing everything out and make sure my servings equal whatever the calorie label says. thanks again

7/20/11 7:11 A

Thanks you, I will have to check out the book you mention, as I no clue as what these things do to a body, all I know it makes me fat. LOL

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7/19/11 8:42 P

emoticon Stay with it.
I'm reading Scott Rigden, M.D.'s "The Ultimate Metabolism Diet" which is so worth reading as he explains Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance. He explains how we make to much insulin that causes all we eat to be stored as fat, and then the body thinks we aren't getting anything, so it pumps out Leptin which is the hunger hormone so we want to EAT more and it is a vicious cycle.
I never learned any of this before. He is a doctor who does gastric bypass surgery, but he works with many patients who don't want the surgery, or who aren't big enough for it. (That would be me, since my highest weight was 214#.)
I got the book at the library. It is worth reading.

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7/19/11 7:56 P

You have come to the right place to lose weight. But really if you want to lose the weight you need to commit to changing your lifestyle. Sure have a treat now and then, but choose the healthier items most of the time. The main thing to worry about is portion control and log the correct amount so you know how much calories you really are eating. The good news - healthy foods keep you full longer! Smaller portions will keep you satiated much longer and do your body a whole lot of good. Take one day at a time! You slip up one day, don't let it get out of control, start again immediately. Best wishes.

7/19/11 6:06 P

Hello all, just started and Im gonna get serious this time because I have become so big that I cringe when I see myself in store windows. So I hope Im doing this right and all. Im guessing Im starting at 375lbs (could be a little higher or lower) since NO SCALE CAN WEIGH ME RIGHT NOW. So I wont be able to post weight until I reach my first goal and that is to see my weight on the scale. My second goal is to be able to see weight on the local publix scale as that scale is brutal. Im a 41 year male and not used to all this as over the last 5 years my weight just keeps getting worse and worse. I have stupid things happen to me, like breaking my leg which still is a problem, I have injured my knee about a year ago by jumping in the aera and when I landed it felt like it bent backwards on me and now thats an on going problem. Before that I never had problems and always maintain my weight at around 225lbs. Now I pay to be that weight.

WAIT DID I SAY PAY, I almost did. I was in the final stages of doing all the hoops you needed to jump to get gastric bypass surgery and then I got my head together right and decided that I havent heard from anyone thats has over 25 years with this done to know if they are suffering more in old age. So with only one last hoop to jump, I decided I dont think I need that tool to lose weight as if I just keep focused I can drop this weight.

So how did I get this big, well too much beer, too much eating out, too much eating bad stuff. ME and my wife are both back on board as going out to eat was our partying so we did it often. But it aint like it was 10 years ago when it didnt seem to change us, Now both of us are heading down a bad road. Believe it or not, Im lucky that I dont have diabetes, slightly high chloestrial but the signs are coming that I gotta get my stuff right. But just the fact that I can only buy cloths at casual male XL messes with my head

CAN I DO THIS, well that is easy YES. But I gotta keep focused and realize this will not be overnight, DID I say overnight, Ive done protein only, 5 bite diet (You know eat like you had gastric bypass but didnt), and other crazy diets. I lose 60lb and gain 80 so its the same old song and dance everyone already knows

I realize the massive amount of weight I need to lose will be a 2-3 year process and this time Im not looking at this as a diet but a change in life. I used to look at eating right as a diet and said I couldnt ever have certain things again and that scares the hell out of me to the point I go right back where I started.

Well today is the first day and I found this app for my phone and decided IM HOLDING MYSELF ACCOUNTABLE everyday for everything I eat including condiments I put on my food and stick to my guns. But I am not telling myself I can never have stuff I love as me and my wife have made an agreement that ONE MEAL a week that I can eat what ever I want (but not go crazy but satisfy myself) and One beer night every 3 weeks or once a month I havent decided yet. In the past, when we cheat it spirals and spirals until we have cheated more than we have dieted. But were not saying we cant have it anymore we are just saying one meal a week can we go crazy.

I will be drinking between 64oz to 128oz of water a day, including taking multivitam and fish oils pills everyday. Plus I take metamucil and put flax seeds into some of my food. My exercise consists of walking my dogs and will do that at least 5x a week for at least 30 minutes. As far as stuff I put on my food, its weird I got this big since I hate eggs, mayonaise, blue cheese, ranch NOTHING CREAMY basically, I love my hot spicy foods.

Well I dont know where to go from here and not sure how often I should update but if you have advice, im listening and I just gotta get my mind focused on the fact that this will be a long healthy journal instead of letting doctors remove half of my innards plus I listened to so many people (VIDEOS ONLING BLOGS and such) that they lose most of the weight in 8 months on gastric bypass but after that it slows down and if the person hasnt changed, they will start gaining. Im changing now before that is my only option, Im not at last resort yet, BUT I DAMN SURE AINT HAPPY HOW BIG I AM, but we can change that.

SO HELLO EVERYONE and if dont know if others can see my foods that I eat during the day but if ya do, Im always listening to ideas

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