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1/31/14 1:13 P

I basically have to be my own "hand slapper" . I will not be having any cocktails as the calories are not worth it for me. I have not had one in about 6 months because I like the high sugar ones. On past cruises I didn't do much of the activities but this year I'm going to look into being more active rather then lounging and playing bingo. Our cruises keep getting longer and longer every year. This will be our 5th cruise and out kids love it!

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1/31/14 1:02 P


One thing you need to watch while on the cruise is the buffet table. It's not easy to be mindful of your portion sizes when the food is presented in such an enticing manner. You want to try a little of everything. So, if you don't want to gain weight, then you need to do your best to be selective of what you eat. Choose the things you wouldn't normally eat at home.

Also, do you enjoy a cocktail ? Watch the fruity cocktails. One is fine, but be careful. one fruity cocktail can have 300-400 calories. Have more than one cocktail and you see how quickly the calories add up. So, not only do you have to be mindful of your portion sizes at the buffet table, you need to moderate your alcohol intake too.

During your last cruise, did you try any of the activities ? Most cruises these days have aerobics classes, rock walls, etc. It's not just shuffle board. see what activities the cruise offers and sign up for anything that catches your fancy. hit the disco and dance.

It's nice to sit in a deck chair and go,"cabana boy, another fruity cocktail over here". you don't want to do that every day of your trip.

As they say, indulge, but try not to over indulge. And if you do find that you ate a bit too much, don't beat yourself up. Just be more mindful when you get home.

Have a nice trip !

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1/31/14 1:02 P

We're cruising in 34 days! It'll be our 6th cruise. There are plenty of options of food on board so you can definitely eat healthy. I usually find that I am pretty active on board/in port so I don't usually gain much if any weight. So find something active to do in port - even if it's just walking around shopping! Plus you can always visit the gym on board though they can get quite busy early in the morning. Have a great trip!

I haven't taken a cruise that long yet but would LOVE to!

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1/31/14 11:14 A

emoticon We are headed on a 11 day cruise in 34 days. I'm challenging myself to lose 10-12lbs by then. We have gone a cruises before and I have gained about 10lbs on average on them. Not this time.I plan in really watching my calorie in take I have worked WAY to hard to gain weight back. When we get off the ship I love to indulge on the local food. I do plan on using the personal trainer services this trip and no alcohol drinks for me. Have you cruised before? If so what have you done to keep the weight off while on your trip? emoticon

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