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4/4/09 4:40 P

Contrary to popular, yet erroneous, opinion, low carb diets do NOT cut out an entire food group. Some foods are elminated for a short while (2 weeks max) and foods are gradually added back.

The ONLY foods low carb eating plans do not encourage people to eat are the same foods Spark does not encourage - junk laden, processed foods, that have more additives than real food.

And anyone who STAYS with that low of a carb level is NOT following a proper low carb eating plan and it IS unhealthy.

I wanted to add also that some of us HAVE MEDICAL REASONS why paying attention to the TYPES OF CARBS we eat is incredibly important. I never want to go back to that unhealthy and unhappy way of being.

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4/4/09 1:39 P

Like many others have said, included our SP registered dietitian, you shouldn't be eating just 30g crabs a day. I eat more than that in one meal! Scrap the low-carb thinking and go for a nutrient-rich, well balanced diet. I've lost over 40 lbs in the past few months...and I did it by eating a balanced diet full of fruits and veggies. I eat my favorite foods in moderation and I'm not deprived.

Here's a question you should ask yourself:
If you can successfully lose weight and be healthy with a diet that doesn't cut out a whole major food group...why would you turn to an unhealthy low-carb diet in the first place??!

Follow the SP recommendations!

4/4/09 9:10 A

30 grams of carbohydrate daily is dangerously low.
Myself and our SP members want you to stay healthy, and are curious as to why you feel you need this type program.
Becky, your SP dietitian

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4/3/09 4:26 P

I recommend the South Beach Diet book and the cookbook. It's a little expensive in my opinion, but it will give you some ideas.
Definitely only do it for 2 weeks unless there's a good reason to do otherwise, because you will get SO bored!

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4/3/09 4:04 P

Check out Linda's Low Carb Site. She has recipes and even Induction (and OWL) menus all planned out:

Remember, unless your doctor has you on this plan for a reason, this low carb level should be followed ONLY for a LIMITED TIME (2 weeks is recommended), and then carbs should be increased in an particular way with particular foods over time.

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4/3/09 3:08 P

I think even for a low carb lifestyle 30g of carbs a day is WAY too low. You won't even get the daily fiber you need on that or the other nutrients your body needs for a healthy lifestyle.

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4/3/09 3:01 P

One other suggestion: Look at people's food logs. Find someone who's doing low carb and check out what they are eating.

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4/3/09 2:59 P

If you are only eating meat and lettuce then I'm going to guess that you're attempting to do low carb without a guidebook?

I beg you to please go buy yourself a book (I personally recommend Atkins or South Beach). They both provide weeks of suggested menus and a wide variety of foods to choose from. You need to understand alot about low carb if you are going to do it long term and healthy.

If you are looking for specific meal ideas, I recommend that you join one of the low carb teams. I am a member of several, so if you go to my spark page, you'll see several that you might want to join.

Best of luck to you,

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4/3/09 2:56 P

Why are you doing a 30g carb diet to begin with? That's about the equivalent of one banana per day. Not healthy, not a good idea. Follow SparkPeople and you should be perfectly fine. I did, and the weight I had been trying to lose for MONTHS came off in weeks!

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4/3/09 2:53 P

Could anyone help me obtain some kind of menu plan for a 30g carbs a day diet. The plans I've seen don't come with my goal in mind.

Please help...can't just live on lettuce and meat forever..... emoticon

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