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11/4/12 11:16 P

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Way to go!!!!! You must feel fabulous.

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11/4/12 11:04 P

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11/4/12 8:59 A

Wow! Congratulations!

11/3/12 9:53 P

That is great keep up the great work.

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11/3/12 9:20 P

emoticon that is wonderful news- keep up the great work!!! - I hit 30 pounds down today too (since 9/11)...but I have alot more to lose than you do :) - Hugs-Crystal

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11/3/12 11:02 A


11/3/12 10:53 A

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11/3/12 8:19 A


Started changing my diet back in the beginning of July, rejoined Sparks in the beginning of August and 30 lbs gone by beginning of November.

About 15 lbs left to go. I'm in the final stretch!

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