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6/24/12 1:18 A

30 day shred is just another way to get rid of water weight. Stick to the "change of lifestyle' adnd keep yourself focused.

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6/24/12 1:13 A

Thank you so much for the advice everyone. I think I will stick to doing what I enjoy and not trying those crazy intense videos.

I love taking my dog for a walk, doing some cardio dancing.. zumba and bollywood cardio videos.. and power yoga for my strength. Right now, that's the path I am sticking on.

I am sure there are results from it, but I know me- I WON'T STICK WITH IT IF IT'S NOT FUN AND IT'S GRUELING.

I sweat up a storm doing zumba but I loveee it... so see, it's a workout I don't even feel like I am working out.

102OXFORD Posts: 24
6/23/12 11:02 A

Coach Nancy --
i love your reply, it is so true!
I just finished the 30 day shred with a success of losing 7.5 lbs and feeling strong and lean. I have not done the dvd since I finished because of lack of time and have chosen to walk my dog for 30 mins in the morning instead. Now I feel flabby and not as lean/strong. I didn't realize how quickly my body would miss the 30 day shred and feel the way it does. I have been thinking "do I have to do the 30 day shred the rest of my life?"

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6/23/12 7:37 A

Hi Whitty,

While I am not familiar with the specifics of the 30 day Shred, I do know that finding a passion for what we do is key to keeping going well past the 30 days. Walking is so underrated by many for the lack of calorie burn compared to what other programs offer, however, if you become a life-long walker it trumps being a video participant for a few weeks until boredom sets in. Just something to think about.

Coach Nancy

BYEPOUNDS Posts: 7,204
6/23/12 12:33 A

I think variety works best for me!
Best to you!

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
6/23/12 12:10 A

I didn't mind it, but I found it hurt my ankles and knees, so I stopped after a couple of weeks. I wouldn't do it everyday, I'd just add it in the rotation. As for results, I didn't lose any weight but I did feel it working. I was sore for days afterwards.

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6/22/12 11:49 P

Well, I am considering getting the 30 day shred. Here's my question....

For those of you who've done it:
1- does it really work?
2- I have a goal to work out 5x a week for an hour ..... the video is only 30. Would you suggest tacking on some yoga or dumbs video here or there?
3- Is it really most effective doing it everyday, or is it just one of a few exercises in your box?

I really am not a fan of working out. I have Bollywood dance videos, zumba and power yoga videos. Those keep it fun for me, so I don't know if jillan is right for me..honestly.

I just want to be effective with my workouts/ calories burned. I am sooooo new to this that I don't know how to. Ive never had to work out before.. even though ive been doing it for a month.

Thanks for the input guys!

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