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9/21/12 1:17 P

Awesome, great suggestions from the Spark Coach!! A total Woo Hoo!!

Lynn, St. Louis MO, USA

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9/20/12 12:18 P


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9/19/12 11:12 P

That's totally a woo-hoo!
Glad you had a great day and your back got better.
I bet fall in your area is really beautiful!
emoticon emoticon

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9/19/12 10:51 P

great that you made your cardio into such a positive experience! With this mindset you will enjoy the journey! emoticon

9/19/12 10:03 P

It sounds like a win-win all the way around! Glad you are progressing so well. Keep up the good work!

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SCGAALMOM Posts: 215
9/19/12 2:41 P

I feel more relaxed just reading about it! Good for you in realizing what you needed and going out and getting it! emoticon

JENNY888 Posts: 1,803
9/19/12 2:24 P

Today I got 30 minutes of Cardio in as per the schedule on my planner at 10:00 am. Thanks coach for the suggestion of using the planner.

Instead of my planned walk on my treadmill I decided to walk in my above ground pool and scoop out debris at the same time. I got two tasks accomplished at once. Another thanks to Spark Coach.

The best thing for me was I was able to reconnect with nature in a positive way. I have been blogging for the past week or so about a horrific experience we are having with a very large bobcat in our yard. I was fearful to even go out in the yard. Nature is something I need. I realized it this morning.

I sat in my hot tub after the cardio and watched hummingbirds feed and buzz around my head. I saw butterflies and bees darting around. I saw how the plants had grown in the yard. I watched colored leaves float down to the ground. It was a wonderful experience that I needed.

Before I exercises my back was very sore from all of the computer paper grading I had been doing. I knew I had to do much more today. After the exercise the soreness was gone.

Yes it was a WOO HOO day today and it is not even over yet!

Pacific Time Zone - Northern California
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