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30 Day Shred Plus Cardio

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3/20/13 7:12 P

I second Dragonchilde's advise. I was going to recommend that myself. Jillian's videos are mainly cardio, and strength training does more for your body in the long run.

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3/20/13 6:55 P

Are you doing any strength training? 30 day shred is light strength training, but the way JM performs it it is less strength and more cardio. Rather than adding more cardio, what about adding full-body strength training with challenging weights (that fatigue you in 8-12 reps or fewer.)

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3/20/13 6:35 P


I'm doing the shred as well. I'm on day 5 of level day 15? I try to walk at a brisk/jogging pace for 20 minutes in the morning outside, and do my shred in the afternoon. I also have taken a few days off when I am really sore or tired.

My advice is cliche; do what feels right for you! Don't push yourself too hard. For me, doing cardio and then the shred back to back would probably kill me. But maybe you are in better shape than I am. lol.

Best of luck on everything. I am definitely getting results :). Stick with it!

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3/20/13 2:14 P

Hi there,
I'm on day 4 of Jillian Micheal's 30 day shred and it is getting much easier for me and I want to add in some more cardio. Like riding my stationary bike or doing Zumba. However, I wasn't sure when I should add these activities in. I do the 30 day shred at night, so should I do cardio in the mornings, right after 30 day shred or before it.
Thanks :)

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