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10/25/13 12:22 A

I tried it a year ago but never got through level 1.

How many calories burned during each level of the shred? I am starting it on Monday. I want to know what to put down on my tracker.

KIMMYGEE83 SparkPoints: (11,244)
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10/24/13 11:48 P

I would complete all 3 levels with the same weights. Once you have progressed through all 3 levels start over at level 1 with an increased weight.

10/23/13 12:59 A

I think it really depends on what you want to improve. When doing 30 day shred for the first time, I did think each level was harder than the last. Now I can go back to it for an "easy" workout and depending on which one you do, will depend on whether you want more cardio or more strength. Level 1 gives you a taste of both, level 2 has more intense cardio and level 3 had more strength resistance exercises.

So in saying that, if you want to increase your strength, start with increasing your weights. If you want to get your heart rate soaring again, go to level 2. But in saying that, your body may need a change if you have been doing level 1 for a while. Your muscles might have got used to those movements so increasing the weight wont help, whereas changing the routine will force them to adapt and strengthen again.

If you want a real challenge, try increasing your weight even by 0.5kg and going to level 2. Most people tend not to increase their weights when they should, so don't be afraid to up it if you are not seeing any improvement. To test if you need to increase, pick an exercise and if you can do more than 12 reps of a single motion and aren't feeling it that much, time to increase your weights.

SCIFIFAN Posts: 1,119
10/22/13 7:50 P

I'd try level 2 and see how it goes. Level one is fairly easy for me, even if I've just started doing it again, but level 2 is really hard for me--I have to modify some. I've only done level 3 a couple of times, but strangely it was easier than 2.

If you don't think you are ready after trying level 2, you can always go back to the first workout.

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10/22/13 10:48 A

I think you should move on to level 2!

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10/22/13 10:42 A

My vote is move to level 2. While you can always challenge yourself with more weight, the thing I really like about her workouts are the total body strength/cardio interval combos. It keeps your body guessing. Moving to a different workout (i.e. level 2) furthers the muscle confusion. I would suggest going through all 4 levels (I think it's 4 if I remember correctly) and then starting them again maybe in 6 months with heavier weights.

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PURPLENURP SparkPoints: (4,067)
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10/22/13 10:28 A

Personally, If I got that far into it where I could comfortably do level 1 without having to lay on my bed and wait for the feeling in my legs to come back, I would probably go to level 2. I am already kinda over the whole level 1 routine and I've only done 3 sessions.

However, I think if you are still liking the workout, you should do what you like and add the extra weight. I think that sounds okay too. Maybe then when that's easy you can go to the 2nd level.

OAKDALE41 Posts: 952
10/22/13 9:29 A

I can now do level 1 of the 30 day Shred all the way through with light weights. Should I move on to level 2 or stay at level 1 and increase the weights?

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