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You'll want to set your calories burned goal to reflect how much exercise you're doing. As long as that's correct, you should be fine to eat in the calorie range SP suggests on days when you're exercising and days when you aren't.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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I am on day 5 today... it gets easier... no, do not add the calories burned to what you eat per day... it is tracked as circuit training, and about a 200-something calorie burn only. But she promises results, so I am trusting her! :)

eat food. not too much. mostly plants.

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I just finished the 1st day!!! I did some modified jumping jacks since I am still out of shape a bit. But it worked my butt! I don't think I can do this daily, but will attempt it every other day at least for level 1. So it will probably take me longer than 30

Also, calorie question: Do I add the calories burned to my total calories I can eat per day? Thanks.

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