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3/2/14 3:10 A

That sounds so scary, definitely see a doctor or a chiropractor immediately. It could be something that can get worse without proper care. Best of luck to you!

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2/28/14 4:50 P

Hasn't happened to me but I strongly suggest you see a doctor.

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2/24/14 2:28 A

Help!!! I have injured myself in my middle back ...i was working out (JMBR) with the injury for a week becos it wasnt really bothering all that was only hurting when i was bending over....but then one day my left quad felt really weak and i just had to take a break...that's when i realised it had been a whole week and the pain in the back was still there..I cudnt figure out why this had happened cos i try to concetrate a lot on form during the workout...and then a friend pointed it out that i have been picking up and dropping my dumbells without bending my knee!!!! i have been taking a break frm wrking out for a week now and using heat for my back...but the pain is still there....only when i bend over that is....i cannot feel any pain when i press my back to find the focal point of the soo upset with this setback since there's just 3 months left for the wedding..and also afraid that i have messed up my back...has this happened to anyone else?

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