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2/7/11 5:59 P

Climbing stairs is awesome exercise.

Try the calorie calculator at

It's listed under 'W' for Walking - up stairs and Walking - down stairs.

Note that this is in minutes, rather than flights.


2/7/11 2:28 P

There's no real way to calculate that. Just know that taking the stairs instead of the elevator helps you be more active during the day, which results in more total calories burned.

Calorie burn depends on factors that are subjective like age, height, weight, gender, duration of activity, what type of activity, muscles engaged, intensity, etc.

2/7/11 2:26 P

Does anyone know how many calories I'm burning by walking up 3 flights of stairs. I currently work on the 3rd floor of my work building and well I would like to know if its even helping me burn calories? I've been walking up and down the stairs instead of taking the elevator, I hope it helps.

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