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7/25/14 8:43 A

This site does not encourage the use of consuming juice (and only juice) for several days in a row.
There is no health benefit.
And there are cases of medical complications to such and eating approach--based on one's medical history and medication usage. For safety, please talk to your doctor first.

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7/25/14 12:50 A

I am not doing it, but my brother and sister in law recently became major juicers! They drank four per day. They would drink a green one with many veggies and green apples and kiwi and kale. They also had some cool looking orange ones that had carrot, and some other orange fruits. They instantly felt amazing. I think you'll love it once you get past it not being solid food.

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7/24/14 9:13 P

is anyone doing this
it is my first time juicing and i plan to do it 3 days. 6 juices a day.
i really would love a buddy to help me make it 3 days! lol

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