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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
4/25/13 10:03 A

that's why I added afternoon and evening snacks to my food tracker on SP.
(I had to call them something besides snack 1, 2, 3).

I prefer smaller amounts of foods more frequently, rather than large meals less often

NOBLEEQUESTRIAN SparkPoints: (5,640)
Fitness Minutes: (10,988)
Posts: 247
4/25/13 9:47 A

I am a mini-meal person too. I don't think I could survive eating only 3 square meals a day...

What I do is stock up on fruits, granola bars, and cheese sticks. That way I can just grab something if I am on the go.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
Fitness Minutes: (86,286)
Posts: 2,489
4/25/13 6:58 A

I used to do 5 meals a day. My snacks are almost the same size as my main meals. Lately, I've been even more active and exercising more so I've included a 6th late night snack.

AILEBBELIA SparkPoints: (13,418)
Fitness Minutes: (4,362)
Posts: 3,171
4/24/13 7:51 P

I do two small and two big meals!

Peanut butter sandwich is great for class. You don't need a fridge!!!

KKAZEBEER Posts: 113
4/24/13 7:48 P

3 meals 2 snacks

4/24/13 7:43 P

I usually eat 3 meals a day and 1 snack if possible.

Sometimes I will even treat myself to a dessert.


CHLOEAGH SparkPoints: (29,002)
Fitness Minutes: (7,311)
Posts: 1,012
4/24/13 4:39 P

I usually do 3 square meals as that is what is more available to me. Occasionally I will add snacks to that, particularly on days I work out.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,459
4/24/13 3:36 P

I find eating four to six times a day works for me.

ELOQUENTZ SparkPoints: (6,833)
Fitness Minutes: (1,441)
Posts: 310
4/24/13 3:18 P

I tend to eat a moderate breakfast and lunch and have at least one significant snack in the afternoon, sometimes also in the morning. I MUST have protein with breakfast. Cheese, eggs, meats or anything. I measure out a snack in a small tub of sunflower seeds, raisins/craisins/choc chips/other dried fruit and snack on that through the day, mostly in the afternoon, but sometimes before lunch if I'm peckish.

Edited to add: My calorie intake is about 3/4 by afternoon snack and my dinner is about 1/4 of the day.

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STARGAZER120 Posts: 30
4/24/13 2:18 P

So... this has been my second week back living healthy and I've noticed that I'm hungry all the time (every couple of hours). I've always been the one to eat every few hours because I find it works best for me. I've also had to up my calories because I wasn't eating enough but it's hard for me to meet the minimum.

And another reason I eat throughout the day is I can't eat a large breakfast because I get full so fast but then I'm hungry a couple hours later. And I have classes that last 4 hours with a 30 min break but sometimes I stay up to 12 hours depending on when my lab schedule is.

What do you find works best for you? What are good meals I could bring with me to stay sustained throughout the day?

(I'm a pescatarian too).

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