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1/30/13 8:21 P

I'm glad to hear you're getting a new doc. I would do it asap; the thyroid's proper functioning is vital to a lot of body mechanisms.

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1/30/13 7:28 P

Oh *that* kind of preaching. Doesn't really happen here much. Mostly, spark users are supportive of each other.

Deb, in New Zealand
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1/30/13 7:04 P

Oh wow, yes get a new doctor in a hurry.

Hypothyroidism is NOT cured by diet.

(I am hypothyroid - and to tell you the truth, it's not all that uncommon)

I don't know anything about "3 Day Diet" so i won't comment on that at all. Yes, hypothyroidism can and often does lead to unexplained weight gain/difficulty losing weight but *once you have it treated with the appropriate level of medication* you will be able to deal with your weight just like someone without the condition.

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1/30/13 6:50 P

She didn't put me on meds but I am getting a new doctor so I can start taking them. I also agree with you that she doesn't offer the most appropriate soultions hence why I am switching doctors.

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1/30/13 6:49 P

I say no preaching because I am not asking for someone to come in and tell me I am wrong and how to lose my weight blah blah blah. First off my DOCTOR told me to do this diet I didn't choose it myself and secondly like I said I have hypothyroidism so when someone comes in and tells me to just try this diet or eat right and exercise to lose weight it doesn't work for me and my medical condition and again I asked for both experiences not just good ones plus time after time people will preach to me so I chose to save them the trouble.

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1/30/13 7:20 A

Foremost, I hope he is actually treating your condition with appropriate meds. Putting a person with hypothyroidism on a diet as a way of curing their situaltion is like putting a bandaid on a MRSA wound without putting them on an antibiotic.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16
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1/30/13 4:43 A

What do you consider "preaching"?

Are you only interested in hearing from people who love the diet and had great success with it? What if that's 5% of people who do it, and 95% of people who do it regret it and hated it and gained all their weight back plus some?

Wouldn't it make more sense to ask about all results, not just the ones that support that choice? If you've already pre-made the choice, just go ahead and do it, you don't need our justification. If you're not just seeking justification for a choice you've already made, why the "no preaching"?

Deb, in New Zealand
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1/30/13 1:19 A

I have used the first one with good success. The second one has a lot of good material and info. that can be applied as well.

There are a couple of notes to be aware of:
* You need to choose a style of eating / feeding that you can stay with for the long haul. (ie NO cabbage soup for 21 days!)
* You need to be aware of what your body NEEDS nutritionally.

Your body will change from the inside out...meaning for me that healthy eating does NOT guarantee immediate results. It takes TIME. Be patient and don't quit.

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1/29/13 6:22 P

If your doctor recommends it then you need to talk to him about it or a registered dietitian face to face.. You can't compare your experience with that of others on any diet really. No disrespect to anyone on SP but they do not know your specific health situation and can't help you.

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1/29/13 4:22 P

Reviews of the diet show:

It is about 1000 calories.
It is very restrictive.
It does not have the person learning how to change their eating habits, environment, etc..for long term success.
Most people (yes most) will just gain back any weight that was lost.

As the Registered Dietitian for Sparkpeople, it is my job to keep the content on this site safe, efffective and accurate (using weight loss research) for our 12 million members. I do not endorse the 3-day diet and feel that there are other diets that are much more safe, effective and appropriate.

SP Dietitian Becky

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1/29/13 2:42 P

My doctor wants me to do the 3 day diet because I have hypothyroidism and struggle to lose weight. Has anyone else tried it and what were your results. All I want to know is experiences no preaching please.

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