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10/8/10 9:43 P

Shocking: We are always see what weight is doing to the outside of our bodies. But seeing how it effects us from the inside makes a world of difference.

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10/8/10 9:41 P

Wow, that really IS shocking! Thanks for sharing the link!

Lynda in Orange County, So Calif


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10/8/10 9:40 P


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10/8/10 9:36 P

Holy moly!


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10/8/10 9:25 P

that's scary. and a bit sad...I easily can be that scan. by next year though, that woman on the left will no longer be me!

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READY2LOSE37 Posts: 64
10/8/10 9:18 P

That's really an eye opener for me. I have to stay on track, that me and then some.

BTRTHANEVA Posts: 1,473
10/8/10 8:42 P

Great reality check, especially as it's an internal perspective. It helps to look at the whole person from the inside out...


tall order, but I'm up for the challenge!
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10/8/10 7:51 P

Wow, that is amazing. Thanks for sharing! I've bookmarked that for whenever I need to remember why this work is worth it in the end.

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10/8/10 7:25 P

The difference is astounding! I am glad I have never let myself get anywhere near that heavy.

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CELTIC60 Posts: 515
10/8/10 6:57 P

I had this on the side of my dresser so I would see it first thing in the morning... Helped me lose 30 pounds years ago... I think it's time again...

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
10/8/10 6:14 P

That is very frightening to see the lady on the left. I've never been 250, but I've been close enough (190) once in my life.

I know when I eat healthy food that my insides have to be healthier as well. It motivates me to lose more and also to continue this healthy way of eating for life.

10/8/10 3:47 P

Wow! This is so motivating. I definitely want to be the girl on the right! Thanks for sharing.

JENJEN331 Posts: 1,145
10/8/10 2:28 P

This use to be me. Wow. Simply, wow. Everyone who looks at this knows they would rather be the woman on the right. Keep going everyone, we have to do this.

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10/8/10 1:47 P


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10/8/10 1:28 P

Holy schiznit...

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10/8/10 12:07 A

Eeek, I'm so sorry I looked!

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10/7/10 9:57 P


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10/6/10 4:53 P

It wasn't what I was expecting to see, but I saved it to my "Favorites." WOW. :) Very motivational, thank you!

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10/6/10 4:27 P


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10/6/10 3:27 P


CHANGE_4_ME Posts: 1,447
10/6/10 11:59 A

Thanks for posting! I printed it out so I can add it to my motivation wall.

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10/5/10 10:35 P


JEN-LOVES-LIFE Posts: 1,201
10/5/10 10:33 P

Thanks for sharing and providing motivation.

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APIRLRAIN888 Posts: 3,209
10/5/10 10:31 P

looking at this post again! facing week of temptation! must focus!

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10/4/10 8:57 P

Creepy! Glad I am moving toward the smaller scan composition (if little by little!).

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GETTO10 Posts: 927
10/4/10 8:21 P

WOW!!!! I currently weight 253. I will be working harder at staying on track. This is me but not for long.

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10/4/10 8:03 P

Wow...her heart isn't bigger...It's got fat around it and that is sooooo dangerous. Hello heart disease!

Great motivation...not just to be skinny...but to be HEALTHY!

LITTLELADIE27 Posts: 970
10/4/10 11:44 A

OMG this is the best Motivation I need to keep going and not look back. I'm speechless! emoticon

FITWITHIN Posts: 21,802
10/4/10 11:35 A

Thanks for the information.

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ISUCCEED Posts: 101
10/4/10 1:00 A

If this isn't motivation for someone, I don't know what is.

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10/3/10 10:55 P

That is amazing. I had never really given any thought of the damage that being overweight can cause.

JGINTX Posts: 493
10/3/10 10:53 P

Motivational, indeed! Thanks for sharing. I wish more people could see images like's make you realize there's more than just what you see on the outside.

APIRLRAIN888 Posts: 3,209
10/3/10 10:45 P

I am glad you all find it as motivational as I did!

more importantly I hope you were able to gain lost motivation or strenghten your drive!

My hope is we all learn something!

I sure did! And I am not 250 lbs! I see some part of me in here! scary!!!

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DOLPHIN1848 Posts: 19
10/3/10 9:40 P

I just looked at this and I am glad I did. I think I really did just find the final piece of my motivational puzzle. Thanks for sharing! emoticon

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10/3/10 9:25 P

The Visual is HARD to look at. Really does give us something to think about.

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SNOWIRIS30 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/3/10 9:23 P

That is really scary. Her heart looks bigger too.

LINAREX SparkPoints: (22,822)
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10/3/10 9:14 P

Thank you for posting this, it really is motivational.

"There's always today."

SEJULY Posts: 294
10/3/10 7:17 P

Yikes! Kinda reminds me of the Body Worlds exhibit.
Thanks for sharing the link.

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10/3/10 5:07 P

WOW.... emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TINKERED1 Posts: 321
10/3/10 4:42 P

great motivation!

10/3/10 3:48 P

I think if I wasn't already on spark trying to lose weight that image would really have motivated me to start.

10/3/10 3:01 P

Looking at the stomach makes me realize why it's so hard in the beginning to eat lots less. It takes a lot of food to fill it up, and the poor stomach isn't use to that. Yep, definitely an enlightening picture. Thanks for posting this.


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HELENA260 Posts: 1,083
10/3/10 2:38 P

OMG!! I would have never thought I looked this way!! I use to weigh well over 250lbs.

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10/3/10 2:37 P


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10/3/10 2:32 P

I'm so glad that I took the time to look at this.

*Sarah A.

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FEARLACE Posts: 282
10/3/10 1:57 P

Wow. That is amazing.

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10/3/10 11:02 A

Oh, wow

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10/3/10 11:02 A

Online Now  • ))
That could almost be me! I've been 240 and I've been 122.
Thank you so much for posting that!


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JULESCP Posts: 1,375
10/3/10 10:39 A

OMG. That's all I can really say...


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APIRLRAIN888 Posts: 3,209
10/3/10 10:33 A

I really wish I can put the pic up here but here is the link!!!

MADE ME THINK!!! I put in my blog to remind me!!

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