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5/23/13 6:45 P

All great advice! Thanks!!


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5/23/13 5:59 P

I just edited my previous post to add we don't have employees after hours either. Is your gym protected by key card (or some way to keep non-members out)? I also forgot to mention that the entire gym has a camera system, and all members see that when we sign up - so we know if we're going to cause trouble, that we WILL be seen doing it!

I think the important thing is to trust your gut. If you don't have a defined reason to feel worried (gym in a high crime area, previous history of trouble between members, etc), perhaps you may feel more comfortable if you pay extra awareness to your surroundings (no earphones, making good use of mirrors, checking the gym before starting and taking "inventory" of who is there with you), and if you're ever there and something feels "off" to trust that feeling. As I said before I've always felt safe at my gym, but that doesn't mean I completely let me guard down - if I appear to be alone I'll check the gym to make sure I don't get startled if someone comes out of another room, I'll make some sort of non-verbal contact with other member(s) there to acknowledge "we know each other is here", and I keep a general eye on the front door to see if anyone else comes in.

I have frequently been the only female there with between 1-6 men in attendance, and as none have ever acted suspiciously or aggressively, I have not had concerns for my safety.

5/23/13 5:16 P

There is no clerk, attendant, or anybody on the premises after hours, just the members who come & go. There are cameras, emergency phone with emergency numbers, and these call buttons you can wear around your neck while you are there.

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5/23/13 5:07 P

My normal time for going to the gym is around 2am. At the first gym I attended, there was not an attendant at the front desk, which made me VERY wary and cautious, although there were never any problems. At my new gym (24 hr fitness) there IS a front desk clerk 24/7, and it is fantastic. Definitely more people work out in the evenings and night time than you would generally think, but surprisingly I find a lot of them are women doing the same things that you are trying to do! Always remember to be safe, but late night workouts at well lit gym should be just fine. : )

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5/23/13 5:02 P

The 24 hour gym I'm a member at requires a key card for all access, and everyone has been strictly informed that the only person that can open the door for someone is the front desk employee (which work a regular work day - no employees after about 7 pm). So I know everyone in there at any given time is supposed to be there, and no one will just wander in off the street and cause trouble. There are also emergency buttons scattered throughout the place (and even ones on wearable lanyards) that immediately call 911 when pressed. I feel very safe at my gym and have never felt scared or worried.

Can you ask at your gym what safety features they have to protect members?

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5/23/13 4:50 P

When I had a gym membership this was my favorite time to workout since exercising puts me to sleep rather than giving me the energy boost most people get. I would wait until my kids and hubby were down for the night then head out (usually around 11:00pm.). I was never the only one there. There are more people than you would think that work out late at night. I really enjoyed having the sauna and hot tub to myself! I never felt scared or nervous. Because it wasn't crowded I was always able to park in one of the closest spots to the door. Parking close came in handy when I was ready to leave because the guy at the front desk was able to watch me walk to my car! I say give it a try. Just be alert when in the parking lot.

5/23/13 4:24 P

Especially women, do you feel safe in those 24-hour gyms after business hours? Sometimes I get the energy to go at night or just want to go when there is way less people in the place. But as a woman you have you keep mindful of certain things. And unfortunately I don't have an exercise buddy at this place. What's your opinion?

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