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22 Days and Still Hanging in There!

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Posts: 475
1/23/13 11:37 A

You are an inspiration to me. I am on day 3 and that seems a long way away.

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Posts: 376
1/23/13 11:27 A

You should be proud of yourself - you're off to a great start! I've only been in this about a month longer than you, and so far I've been a pillar of strength... my hardest challenges seem to be water requirement - which is weird cuz I like water just fine - and I'm redecorating a house & work sometimes 18hrs a day but am finding it hard to work out consistently. Still, so far - the weight IS coming off. I'm happy that I can lay in bed with my (fit and trim) fiance and watch him stuff his face with cheese and not cave! This certainly wouldn't have been the case in any of my other weight loss attempts..

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1/23/13 9:42 A

Congratulations on your 22 days achievement! The studies say that it only takes 21 days to break an old or institute a new habit.

I too just started and have made the 22 days on eating healthier. However (there always seems to be an However) I have had a cold/sinus infection for a week and have not been exercising the way I started. I hope to get back to that. The good news with being sick is that the weight has fallen off but I would rather feel better and work on establishing my healthy habits.

I love your sailboat. I always wanted to try sailing.

Just remember: One day at a time
Set backs are only temporary not a dead end.

Posts: 634
1/22/13 9:54 A

Good for you! I am also restarting my health goals, and I am doing well this year, too. I think the difference for me is also about reorganizing my goals. Instead of the goal of losing 50lbs, I am focusing on losing 4 lb, in one month. Much more attainable.

I also use this site every day. I try for SparkPoints. This makes me read articles, blogs, recipes. I take the quiz, trivia and polls. Because all this extra info is really making me so much more aware of my total health.

I was also addicted to Diet Coke and I am so glad I am off it. The chemical cocktail is so bad for humans, and it is intended to create addiction. And insulin resistance. I am now a type 2 diabetic, and I am certain that if I had not been drinking diet coke, I may have not got diabetes. Dang.

Good luck to you in your journey. You are doing a great job!

Posts: 11
1/22/13 9:24 A

In past attempts by the 22nd of January I was usually a week into failure. The 22nd of January 2013 I am still going strong. I think the difference is that I have set my goals up totally different than I ever have. Weight lose is not my main focus. Gasp! This month I am cutting back on sugar, salt and caffeine free diet cokes. My blood pressure is no longer in the stage 1 hypertension range. My craving for bowls of nightly ice cream and sweets is totally manageable and I dont seem to get crazy hungry any more. The only real craving I am having is for the diet coke but usually a glass of cold water will help with that. I am really happy with the way things are heading and will be gradually adding more exercise in the coming month. I hope that every one is have some form of success also!

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