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Hi there KITTY WELCOME to Spark. emoticon

Moderation is the way to go Starvation is definitely NOT the way to go. It will take a while but you will find the middle of the road approach.

I found the book 'The Spark' and it so impressed me I used an old desk top our eldest son used and then I had to learn to type.
If you can find "THE SPARK" at a library or e-bay whatever it is a very good read. I bought one book -hard cover at Barnes and Noble an d after I read it I went back to buy three m ore so all 3 sons could read it.
If you look through the teams there are several about both eating disorders and when you go to join a team make a good description of what you did and what you need. Communication with others will give you the most support. Pat in Maine emoticon emoticon

7/24/14 10:02 P

Hello fellow spark people i'm a 21 and a recovered eating disorder i was a anorexic and its been 2 years now, but now i have another issue i'm now overweight since learning to love and enjoy food again i'm hoping to get motivation to back to a healthy weight and doing it with out starvation and maintaining the weight loss the healthy way. I hope to be motivated by people you are aspiring the same thing.

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