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1/6/14 4:09 P

Mine was to stay consistent

1/6/14 3:54 P

My resolutions are to continue losing weight, eating healthier, and keeping up with short-term goals for progress in both running and crossfit. I also want to go to a new class every month just to keep things interesting.

BEHAPPY24-7 Posts: 30
1/6/14 3:51 P

Keep up with my yoga, and work on getting not only myself but my family healthy! And Read the whole bible!

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
1/6/14 12:38 P

The big one is run 365 miles this year - a mile for every day.

Do something everyday that your future self will thank you for.
ITSABSURD SparkPoints: (18,393)
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1/5/14 10:35 P

- Re-lose the 10lbs I gained over the holidays.
- Practice veganism
- Get a job
- Move to a new city
- Learn how to do my makeup

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MCGOWANLL Posts: 141
1/5/14 10:20 P

Drink all my water each day
Eat 5 fruits & veggies per day
Exercise 5x per week

MARVIE42 SparkPoints: (6,667)
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1/5/14 7:12 A

Give 10 min a day.

LIGHTANDFLIGHT SparkPoints: (340)
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1/5/14 5:24 A

I made 10 resolutions this year, but only 4 regarding fitness:

1. Practice yoga once a week
2. Practice Pilates once a week
3. Complete a marathon (specifically the Napa Valley Marathon)
4. Through-hike the John Muir Trail

So far so good!

Keep going; Let me Fly!
This is going to be hard, but hard does not mean impossible!
MLEHTO SparkPoints: (95,331)
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1/4/14 10:53 P

exercise 30 minutes 3 times per day

STILLLIFE15 SparkPoints: (781)
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1/4/14 10:31 P

So I made a resolution this year. It consists of:
*Exercising every week
*Eat smaller portions
*Try new things
*Meet new people
*Get amazing grades in school
*Build confidence

What are your resolutions this year?

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