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HOT4FITNESS Posts: 2,745
2/15/12 10:40 P

Still having isues getting back on track after my illness and family members in the hospital. I continue to workout at madonna Proactive in the Water track. Gotta love that track. Need to get busy getting mileage i for that half marathon in May.

HOT4FITNESS Posts: 2,745
1/25/12 3:57 P

Wowsa!! it is hard to get back on track after being as sick as I was. Did almost 3 miles yesterday, but I am sure alot weaker than I should be

HOT4FITNESS Posts: 2,745
1/22/12 9:56 P

Had a great workout yesterday. Stationary bike in the morning and Aqua track in the evening. Sick today though with the crud so so workout today. Guess we will see how Im feeling tommorrow.

HOT4FITNESS Posts: 2,745
1/18/12 3:55 P

Still on week one of Jillian Michel's " Ripped in 30", also some cadrioboxing workouts on the Wii Golds gym. At the gym last night for some water jogging. Plan for tomorrow is early morning water jogging then 3 miles on the track in the evening. 15 weeks to half marathon!!!

HOT4FITNESS Posts: 2,745
1/16/12 5:04 P

5.5 miles yesterday. It was a beautiful cool, crsip day. Week one of the Ripped in 30 days. Can I get more ripped? LOL

HOT4FITNESS Posts: 2,745
1/12/12 12:06 P

Great water workout today, back to the gym this evening. What to do? What to do?

HOT4FITNESS Posts: 2,745
1/8/12 4:54 P

Just a short heavy bag workout this morning before work. So pretty much a rest day for me

HOT4FITNESS Posts: 2,745
1/7/12 1:36 P

Doing well with both my fitess and nutritional goals. Did some cycling this morning with a little ab workout and plan on a walk during my break here at work.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 71,560
1/7/12 11:21 A

Don't quit.

HOT4FITNESS Posts: 2,745
1/6/12 3:51 P

Started out the new year with the goal for the Lincoln Half Marathon and training started on the first. The past week my workouts have been awesome and the nice weather wea re having was able to get some runs in as well as working out at the gym and videos at home. I have also done well this past week with making healthier food choices. This is going to be a great year. I got a heavy bag for Christmas which will be a great addition to my workouts. Upper body and core strength indeed.

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