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7/25/13 2:53 A

emoticon and good luck

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7/24/13 9:09 P

I agree this makes me feel very optimistic

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7/24/13 6:50 P


KATIZUMI2013 Posts: 90
7/24/13 6:09 P

Great for you! One day at a time will do it. We are with you!

ADEVLIN1431 Posts: 41
7/23/13 11:12 A

I have only just started a few days ago and my attitude and confidence has soared. I feel so happy to be in a community where I can feel comfortable about discussing my highs and lows of my fitness journey.

As to how this first week will end, I hope to increase my physical activity so I can see atleast a 1 pound decrease.

KATIZUMI2013 Posts: 90
7/22/13 5:05 P

MattieJK, Hi, I am Sarah and I have only been here for two weeks but have lost 9 lbs. (Not recommended, just happened, but It is slowing down now) What is your weight loss goal? how old are you? What is your situation? I am 61, single grandmother, weigh 200 and have 84 lbs to lose total--but only 75 now! I am disabled and have been home alone and isolated too long! I am bipolar so social life is awkward, but not impossible. But when I get fat and exhausted, social life is nonexistent! I have hid in the house for 12 years and have had enough. I used to be beautiful. I don't expect to be beautiful again, but at least I can be presentable. I am a self=published author and am publishing a novel this month about a druid in ancient Ireland. My SP program has helped me get motivated to finish the book. I have lots of projects for the future, but if I don't lose this weight, I won't do them! I won't live that long. I am a person who prays too, and God is advising me all along. This site is REALLY helpful! Plug in your goals and SP will figure up a plan for you! and the recipes are GREAT and not too expensive. I suggest you start tracking your calories and exericise. It helps a lot. If you want to talk, write back! I need people to talk to but it is hard to connect on these boards. Sarah

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,109
7/22/13 8:07 A

Welcome Mattie!

Isn't it a relief to find this site. It was like the world opened up for me when I first started. All of a sudden, I had hope again.

I'm glad you posted your goals. Somehow it makes us more accountable to complete them.

If there is anything you need, or can't find, please let us know.

7/22/13 1:46 A

Well here I go, not sure where this is going, but it feels good to be here. Just knowing many other are here is a good thing. I have a lot to work on this week but I am ready, to walk, sleep 8 hrs, drink water and Pray. Thank yoy SP for this place to start..

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