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10/18/11 1:54 A

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Kim 5'10 stay at home mom


1 Cor. 10:31
Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

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10/17/11 11:48 P

Good work girl, keep on keeping on. Just one thing... the scale could also become your enemy. Please don't weigh more than once a week. I weigh only once in 2 weeks as I know that is my normal cycle. Eat well, sleep well, do your exercise and life a healthy life. The weight will just come off as a by-product.

Maggie from Auckland the City of Sails in New Zealand.

"Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, and move on." Henry Rollins.

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10/17/11 10:14 P

Way to go!

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10/17/11 7:17 P

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10/17/11 12:07 P

Weighed in this morning and was down 2.2 pounds. I am happy with this even though I wish is was higher. It is a step in the right direction and it has only been a week since I started.

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10/17/11 11:02 A

keep going
you can do it
you will do it

I will update with some inspirational quotes when I can find some new ones...

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10/17/11 9:57 A

You go, girl! Follow all of Sparkpeople's instructions over time and you will have jaw dropping success. Personally, I am addicted to the nutrition tracker and month long bootcamps (you only get one trophy for a bootcamp completion, but you can do them as often as you want). You will most likely hit a plateau here and there, but don't get discouraged. If you follow the plan, your body is being sculpted in the process, even though it might not register on a scale.

Can you tell I love this site?!! It has been my Godsend and I just need to tell you!

Spark On!

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Let's go.
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10/17/11 9:45 A

I began 1 week ago, bought a scale 4 days into the plan, weighed and weighed again this morning...3.2 ponds in 2 day's!!! Who knows what I weighed at the start of the week....HALLELUJAH I'm on my way to a healthier ME!!!!

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we would astound ourselves.
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