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3/13/14 9:23 A

My kids don't dance, they swim, but I guess the idea is similar: sandwiches, fruit (if cut up, then in a container), vegetables, pasta or rice even though it's cold.

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3/9/14 9:08 P

We used a Samsonite Spinner garment bag, when my daughter was competing in dance. It was big enough to hold all of her different Highland Dance outfits, plus extras of things like socks and dance shoes, and had a lot of pockets.

The wonderful thing about this particular bag is that it's on multi-directional wheels, and it turns into a stand-up wardrobe anywhere you want.

As for snacks, we always brought a small collapsible cooler with us. Goldfish, pretzels, etc in small bags, small fruit like grapes, strawberries, or other berries, also in bags, and those yogurt tubz were very popular. And lots and lots of water. No juice or candy though. The last thing they needed was extra sugar at competitions or shows...the girls were usually flying high on fun and adrenaline.

3/7/14 5:15 P

My LO for the first time this year will have multiple numbers in one recital show. In fact, she's in 2 shows the same day, one number in the 12pm show, three numbers in the 6pm show (her idea to take this many dance classes, not mine! She even wants to take an additional class next year emoticon ). I was thinking of getting her a bag to keep all her costumes together, but what kind? How do you organize your dancer's costumes? Also, any advice on snacks to pack? What to give her to eat between shows?

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