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At 52 I realized 20+ pounds snuck up on me over the past 10 years; a few pounds a year. Not only did I get heavier, now I take medicine for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It is time to make a life change..... I am here for both support and advise; after reading blogs the past week, I've noticed that SparkPeople Rock! I will also share my struggles and successes to help you. My main struggle starting off, is I drank 5-6 diet cokes a day, seems they were my source of caffeine and I just love the taste. So one of my first goals is to reduce that to 2 a day; then down to 0 A DAY!!!! My 1st Healthy Day (what I call my new way of eating and living) I tried to go 'cold turkey' but not only did I have intense headaches, but I was a grouch and snapped at everyone; so changed my goal. I basically blew it 2 days this week, had 3 diet cokes; but still feel really good about my war against DIET COKE. Also drinking 1 16oz bottled water after each diet coke, in addition to my 8 glasses a day, which rinses the sweet taste out of my mouth; resulting in less cravings for more sweets.

Again, any ideas would be greatly appreciated! And I will read your posts and offer my support, which at this point will be more of a cheerleader than a coach, since I am starting this Healthy Living Plan for the first time ever. emoticon

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