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1/12/13 9:42 P


OHIOSTAR58 Posts: 108
1/12/13 11:10 A

Congrats on your beginning. Enjoy the journey.

CLIFFR39 Posts: 2
1/12/13 11:04 A


Congrats on making the decision to do this for yourself. You can do it. This site has so many valuable resources to help you. My favorite of the dozens I've checked out over the last few years.

LALA_1012 Posts: 1,364
1/10/13 7:03 P

welcome to SparkPeople!

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1/9/13 12:13 A

Welcome Rosie. emoticon So glad to hear you write about health and and family and not about reaching some magic number. You have lots of good reasons to help you reach your goals.

Be sure to journal all of what you eat, and keep notes also about how you feel. What you to right and when you slip up as you will do - it's human. It's important to know why you did such as emotions, temptations, memories, enablers, etc and then you are better equipped to jump back on the food plan. It really isn't a diet except that if you don't eat, you die! LOL emoticon It is a place to track your food plan - which ever choice you make that works best for you. You can get feedback on any number of options 24/7.

Spark People is a wonderful place with lots of great articles, message boards, blogs, recipe links, and exercise suggestions & videos. You can get as much or little out of it as you are willing to put in. I wish you lots of luck and encourage you to stay with it.

NEWRUNNER2 Posts: 542
1/8/13 9:47 P

Welcome! I love to hear stories of new SparkPeople. It's so motivational!

We're here to help and support you in your journey. What you've shared is also quite helpful to us. Never forget that.

Good luck! emoticon

KRALLEN1 Posts: 257
1/8/13 2:58 P

Welcome Rosie! I belive you can do this. Once you get started you will feel so much better. Its hard work but oh its so worth it in the end emoticon

BENTOGYRL Posts: 278
1/8/13 1:19 A

Welcome to Spark!

We are glad you came and joined us! Just by coming and talking to us about your goals you've already gotten a step closer. Keep talking with the people on this site, we love to help. :)

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/7/13 11:37 P

Hi Rosie

Welcome to Spark!

You can absolutely achieve your goals. Try not to look too much at the 'big picture' and just work on easily chunked down goals for wherever you're at. Eg don't lose 200lbs - lose 10. Then the next 10. And so on. Don't try to spend 2 hours a day in the gym, just go for a 10 minute walk without fading once a day. Then an 11 minute walk. Then 15. And so on. :)

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1/7/13 1:54 P

Hello, my name is Rosie. I sign up to this page early in December, but actually starting the road to the new me as of today!! I currently weigh 348 lbs, Im 34 years old, and I am a 6 month newly wed. First thing is first...I need to lose the weight for my own Health. Mid of last year, OB Gyn told me i had pre cancer cells around the fatty tissue around my uterus. So..She told me to avoid getting cancer i need to lose weight. Well just with the word "cancer" in her sentence scared me to death. So i didnt returned to see her. I know i did wrong, but now she even went to extend to send me another appointment thru Certified Mail. Making sure I did get it. Appointment date is Feb 22. So i need to lose as much as i can till then, and continue doing it. Second reason, I want to be a mom someday. I have always had irregular menstrual cycles, again because of my weight. SO if i want to be a mommy one day, I need to lose the weight first. And like i mentioned i am 34 years old already, so my clock is ticking. Third, I wanna look and feel good! I dont feel sexy at all. I want to look Beautiful for my Husband. I want to be able to take long walks with him without getting tired in the first 5 minutes. I want to be able to go into a clothing store with out looking for the BIG sizes section. Oh amaze i have wrote all this with out crying!! Thats a good sign, Im ready to this and stop feeling sorry for myself!! Please all my Sparkles in going to need all the help i can. I dont want to QUIT like i have done it in the past!! I need to hear ur success stories. Well, if you want to know more about me, dont hesitate to ask.

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