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11/24/12 8:30 P

CINEMAVEN, you are the essence of Sparkpeople....a lifestyle of eating healthy and moving more. By consistently living this wonderful new life, you realize reaching goals that you never thought humanly possible are now entirely possible, probable, and part of the plan. I commend you for turning your life around. Few people in this world accomplish such a thing. You've gone from a spark to a flame to a burning fire of commitment to a life well lived.

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11/24/12 8:46 A

Congrats - Onederland is a wonderful place!


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11/24/12 6:37 A

Well done!

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11/24/12 12:47 A

Yay for ONEderland!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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11/23/12 3:07 P

emoticon emoticon I cant wait to join u!!! emoticon Crystal

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11/23/12 12:30 P

emoticon to ONEderland!



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11/23/12 9:14 A

What a wonderful accomplishment! Breaking into the next hundred down is a big hurdle to overcome! It sounds like that is only part of the victory - you sound so healthy and secure within yourself! Congratulations on eight months of Sparking (a victory in itself) and all the terrific health, fitness and life benefits that Sparking brings with it!

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11/23/12 8:52 A

I'm finally at the weight I've been claiming as mine for years!
I didn't think it would be that big a deal to see those numbers but I whooped so loud, I scared the cat!
The last time I was this weight(18 yrs ago), I thought I was as big as a house...I hated buying clothes and wore black and baggy oversized everything. Today, I'm bright and fitted to show off my new curves.
I'm a size 16 (was a 22)and I'm getting close to 14 (I can close those jeans but the muffin top is frightening lol) and I'm fitter than I've ever been. After 8 months of eating right and exercising almost daily, I think I can officially claim this new lifestyle as mine. It's funny how today grabbing a bottle of water for my walk is my norm when 8 months ago, a walk would just never have happened. It doesn't surprise me any more when I feel super draggy because I haven't worked out. Seeing myself in the mirror does surprise me at times...I look like me these's been a long time since the person in the mirror fit the picture in my head.

Today really feels like success :)

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