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Well, for something to be cardio, it has to do more than just get your heart pumping. ;) While it's true that many strength-based workouts can get your heart going, they still don't burn a lot of calories because of the way your muscles are activated. Most barre workouts are true strength training - while they may be difficult for you, and even get your heart working, they aren't a replacement for cardio.

As with any strength training, it's not something you want to do every day. Rest days are important to let your muscles recover and heal... that's how they get stronger. If you do them daily, you'll end up breaking your muscles down rather than building them up.

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The 17-Minute Barre Workout video offered in the video section.
This looked very interesting (and tough since I am just starting out).
But I am wondering if this video can be done everyday and if it counts towards cardio at all? It says strength training but I know my heart would be pumping.

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