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3/29/11 12:41 A

Thanks Jami,
I am doing well on this and I have altered it to work for me. I have actually lost 15 lbs so far and am feeling great. I would say I do something very similar to what the sparks meal plan encouraged me to do except for some of the carbs. I still struggle with those!
How are you doing?

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3/28/11 6:46 P

Don't worry Brindy I have needed grounding more times than I want to admit! Let me know about your success.


3/28/11 6:26 P

One thing everyone needs to realize, is that when you come to SP, where we all do the normal sort of thing to lose weight, and preach something new, you are going to have haters. There is no way to change that. I think most of these 'diets' are nonsense, as I lost 30 pounds eating freely and moving, but that's my choice.

Your best bet to follow everyone's journey and such, without recieving hate mail, is to make your own SparkTeams. Off the messages boards where most are, and just your own group where you can dicuss all the areas you want.

Best of luck.

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3/28/11 6:23 P

Appreciated and you are right Jami, I am being way too sensitive. Sadly, there is more to this than just this post, but from my responses here I do look like I am overreacting. I know there are great people on sparks and need to ignore the negative and stick to the positive. Funny thing is, if you knew me in person, I hate confrontation. I just got my hackles up.
Thanks for grounding me!

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3/28/11 6:01 P


I don't mean to sound unkind, but I think you are being way to sensitive. I read all the posts and I did not see any that were attacking or being disrespectful to you. This is a great place enjoy it. Best of luck in your journey.


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3/28/11 5:54 P

Nor did I say scam..I also said scheme..I understood you.
I think it is interesting that so many people are saying we can only have so many calories, are fasting, etc. NOT TRUE. On this plan you can eat as many vegetables and lean meats as you desire. I have read some blogs on this site that are stating we can only have 1200 calories or 1500 calories, not true either and not sure where those "facts" are being found. We are encouraged to eat until we are satisfied, not hungry and not full.
I give you the cleansing as far as getting rid of the sugar cravings by encouraging a low carb diet especially in the first 17 days, but there is nothing wrong with that. Believe me, I needed it.
I definitely take the good and bad of this diet (as we all know there are both with any plan) and use it to benefit me, just as I have done with the sparks plan. The warm lemon water in the way..I love my coffee. I do love cold lemon water in the afternoon, but that is a personal choice.
At this point, Gracefulife, I am getting frustrated with people judging on this and other websites and giving their two cents when they don't have all the information (that is why I jumped all over you, whether fair or unfair). I don't agree with other people's programs, but I keep my mouth shut..especially when I don't completely understand what they are doing. Many individuals who have commented on this diet DO NOT have the facts right. It pisses me off and at this point I am sticking up for it, for myself and others that are trying it.
I just want others to know that regardless of what is being said by some individuals, that this can work. It can get people eating healthy, it can speak to them, it can help them to succeed, just as another diet can work for a whole other group of people. I had the lap-band in. I had to have it emergently removed because I couldn't get it adjusted correctly, I ended up strangulating my stomach and in the end it didn't work for me. However, I know a whole other community of people that have had amazing success with it, are eating and healthier than ever and I would never take that away from them by saying it is bad..I can just say it didn't work for me.
That is the information I am trying to get out there. If Sparkpeople is a program in itself and me talking about another way of using the program is not acceptable, then by all means I will find another place to go..until then, I just want some respect as I know others trying this do, without judgement from people.

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3/28/11 5:07 P

I didn't say "scam", I said "scheme", the main definition for which is "plan". The Sparkdiet is a diet scheme, as are eating low carb, intermittent fasting, or stopping eating for the day when you hit your planned calories.

If you agree that it is not "cleansing", i.e. cleaning anything (regardless of what it is) in the body, then we are in agreement. Because eating lots of vegetables, fruits, meat, and probiotics is clearly a healthy choice. Any diet scheme that fits into your life and gets you eating better like that is a good deal - especially if you also use the Spark tools to keep your calories in reasonable ranges.

I didn't say the diet was an epic fail. Most of it sounds fairly reasonable, if somewhat contrived. Luckily, the broscience explanations and the lemon juice thing won't hurt anyone. In fact they could actually have a positive effect - thanks, placebro!

So if it works for you, by all means don't! stop!

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3/28/11 3:27 P

It has a lot of great features and some people are focusing on one small aspect of it. It isn't a scheme and for some of us has been a great way to eat healthy foods and lose weight. I am thoroughly enjoying it.
The only cleansing that is happening is when we are eating tons of healthy vegetables. If you are focusing on the lemon juice then you have no idea what this book is all about. It is a small part of this and the dr. is encouraging drinking warm lemon water in the morning to get the digestive juices going for the day. That is all. It was a small part of this book that was taken WAY out of proportion on this topic.
I am still using everything on SparkPeople to continue making my diet successful. It is an awesome site and I would love to have your support. I am eating better than I ever have, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, yogurts/probiotics all encouraged in on this diet. Tell me how that is an epic fail? It is sad that just when I found a book that has "spoken" to me personally and caused awesome success for me, that you feel it appropriate to crap all over that! I wish you the best of luck and hope you are having success in whatever you are doing that is working for you!

GRACEFULIFE Posts: 1,705
3/28/11 1:09 P

Yes, "diet" means what you eat, in general, period. So let me call this a "diet scheme". I don't have all the details on this diet scheme so I can't much speak to it but it does sound like it has some good features. If I were looking to improve my diet and didn't know another way and this was available, sure I'd try it.

But lemon juice? Cleansing? Hahahaaha... Please. Epic fail.

I suggest applying the sniff test in all situations, using the things that make sense and discarding those that don't.

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3/27/11 4:37 P

I'm sorry you can't discuss this rationally. I will move along.

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3/27/11 4:27 P

Agreed BrewmasterBill and I do believe that my original comment was incorrect when I used the word RESEARCH. I stated it twice and will state it again. I do apologize for that. Is that what you are looking for?
You also seem to have a lot of time on your hands as I just read your 17 Day Diet Blog. Which has a lot of false information in it, but I don't care AT ALL to explain it to you. How about you now read mine.

Seems you do spend a lot of time judging others on this forum and giving your "amazing opinions" on what others are doing or what is right and what is wrong when discussing dieting.
I love egocentric individuals such as yourself that just browse forums looking for statements and comments to find fault and criticism in. Your type is on every forum that I have ever been a part of. You are someone that likes a good fight, likes a good arguement and were probably on the debate team. Not interested! I am interested in finding support and finding others that are ENJOYING trying the 17 day diet.
SparkPeople has been a great place for me to journal, track my food and fitness and for me to find that support.
Go find someone else to "play" with. I am done with you.

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3/27/11 4:09 P

I was just curious. I love reading studies and I read a lot, so I wanted to see them. I had never come across a lemon study in my readings. If you want to consider that "boredom" then I'll quit bothering you.

Articles are not studies. I can write an article and say whatever I want. Unfortunately, none of these articles site any actual studies, so this isn't what I'm looking for. Nearly all of these links are pushing products, so to say they're biased is an understatement. Those that say "recent studies" don't actually reference any of the studies they're referring to.

Sorry for asking questions. If you do happen across an actual study, I'd appreciate you sending it along. I'll do the same for you.

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3/27/11 4:00 P

I agree it is important with any major change in your diet especially when you have other health problems that you should follow up with your doctor. What you are reading in this post is misleading. This diet is not about lemon water it is about healthy eating. Fruits, vegetables, lean meats, yogurts/probiotics and whole grains. Nothing crazy or odd. The original comment was a question about one small aspect of this diet where the doctor "encourages" drinking warm lemon water in the morning. He also encourages you to do this plan to fit your life. The lemon water does not have to be part of it for anyone. Good luck to you and I hope you are able to feel better. An ulcer is no fun! Hugs..

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3/27/11 3:53 P

I do apologize for my statement then and your confusion. I was referring to the discussion in the book as this original post was for the individuals doing the 17 Day Diet. Yes there are tons of articles on lemon water helping with digestive juices, metabolism, skin, some saying it helps in weight loss (not that I necessarily agree with that), etc. If you type it into google you will find many sites linking you to articles about it.
Here are just a few that I found when I originally was looking into it. I am not an expert on lemon water, just did some personal research as to why I should drink warm lemon water in the morning because the book I was reading mentioned it. Again, I DON'T drink it because I don't like it first thing in the morning. I am a caffeine lover and drink my coffee. As the day goes on I add in water, lemon in the water, green tea, smoothies, etc. because I like them. The articles I read vary on what they believe the benefits are, but all talk about some sort of benefit. Some talk about the warm water being a metabolism boost as we lose water at night and once we start adding it back in the morning our metabolism kicks up, some talk about the benefits of lemon water for digestion, some talk about the benefits for acid reflux, some talk about the vitamin c benefits, some talk about skin benefits, etc. My bottom line isn't going to hurt you and can have benefits!

I am unclear if you are continuing to post on this because you are truly interested or if you are just bored. We are discussing the 17 Day Diet on this topic and not lemon water. Yes I found A LOT of articles when I did my own research (maybe that is the mistake I made..I said research instead of articles..I apologize) on lemon water. If you continue to be interested..there is a big world wide web out there for you.

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3/27/11 1:12 P

I read the link that was provided and it said that if you have an ulcer, like me, not to try drink it. So if you are planning to buy the book and have an ulcer be sure to ask your doctor first.

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3/27/11 12:48 P

Then I'm confused. I originally asked based on the statement.

"Adding in the lemon water is hard. I know it is suppose to help with the digestive juices and has been proven as effective through A LOT of research"

So we're saying now it is not a lot of research, but just a mention in a book? If that's the case, I get it and I'll move on.

REDVELVET21 Posts: 1,833
3/27/11 12:32 P

Hey Brindy,

I am on Day 8 of the 17 Day Diet and so far, I have not had any problems from it, I try to drink my one glass of warm lemon water in the morning to help with digestion. I am so glad that its only one glass a day. I weighed yesterday but no change in my weight yet because of my visitor right now, but as soon as its over I think I will weigh myself on the 17th day!!! I will keep you posted! I am glad that your support is here!!

Everyone who is on the program I wish you the best its a process that is for the better and I know you can do it.

Those who aren't I hope you find something that will work for you.

Brewmasterbill, you are still asking for research, please re-read Brindys last message, she was addressing your questions there! I hope that helps you if not just google lemon water benefits research! Its just that easy!

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3/27/11 8:34 A

I'm seeking information. You claimed there was a ton of research showing benefit and when I searched, I came up empty. So I appreciate you pointing out the difference between your intention with lemon water and the article I found. Can you please point me to this research you've found, I'd like to review it.


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3/26/11 9:21 P

For those of you that are doing the 17 day are you doing? I am on C1D6 and down 12 lbs. I am eating so well and so encouraged by my progress. I do so much better when I am not eating a lot of carbs and all of the lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and the 2 yogurt/probiotics a day have boost my metabolism and my energy. I think the yogurt and the fruit has made this a lot easier than any other "low carb" diet I have done. I feel satisfied and get my "sugar craving" through those. I have found that I actually love Greek Yogurt. Had you asked me a week ago I would have told you it was nasty stuff. Now..I am a huge fan! I also love the Kefir Smoothies. Who would have guessed it? Anyway...let's keep each other motivated and if you haven't found a lot of support and are on facebook..facebook has a handful of 17 day diet support groups (there is an official 17 day diet page) a GREAT 17 day diet recipe page. I have enjoyed finding cool recipes there! Hugs and good luck to all!

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3/26/11 9:05 P

This is not the lemon water diet that we are referring to. We are talking about the 17 Day Diet and the dr. who wrote it encourages drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning to get the digestive juices going (not to lose weight). No scientific research was even discussed here, but it was stated in his book about the benefits of drinking it first thing in the morning. It is a very SMALL piece of his program. No one is pushing anything or saying it is an effective way to lose weight!!! BTW...Both myself and redvelvet addressed that this is for digestive juices, acid relief, etc. and your article even states the same thing. That was the type of research we were both referring to. I agree with you 100% on the Lemon Water Diet. I can't even handle it in the morning, let alone having it be the only thing I put in my body all day(((yuck)))! :0) emoticon

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3/26/11 6:49 P

This is not scientific research. This is someone pushing a product. I did some digging myself, this article states there's no peer-reviewed scientific evidence that the lemon water diet is a healthy or effective way to lose weight.

REDVELVET21 Posts: 1,833
3/26/11 6:21 P

The research is on page 48 in the 17 Day Diet Book.

and you can also check this link....

Due to the digestive qualities of lemon juice, symptoms of indigestion such as heartburn, bloating and belching are relieved. By drinking lemon juice regularly, the bowels are aided in eliminating waste more efficiently thus controlling constipation and diarrhea.

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3/26/11 4:45 P

BRINDYSAM - you said:

"I know it is suppose to help with the digestive juices and has been proven as effective through A LOT of research, but is so hard for me to handle first thing in the morning."

Can you point me to this research please?


KENYON90 Posts: 49
3/26/11 2:10 P

I am on day 6 and I am loving it. I am not hungry at all just very content. I also agree this is not a fad but a change in life stile. I got my book on Amazon for $12.00 they were have a special.

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3/25/11 10:15 A

I got my book on Amazon. It took a while to get here (not sure if it was an availability problem or ??). I am on Day 3. Yesterday, I was really feeling the lack of sugar and wanted to sleep all day (but I didn't). Today, I have more energy. I'll get past the sugar cravings. (I think I ate way more sugar than I realized, throughout the day) Anyway, thanks for the encouragement. It's nice to know we are doing this together.

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3/24/11 10:53 P

I have been on this now for 4 days and researched it for a month before starting it. Thank you to those of you that are being positive and not making judgements. It is not a fad diet. Yes, it is a fad right now for a huge group of people that have started it, but isn't something that can cause damage to people's overall health. It totally promotes healthy eating. My fridge is stocked with lean meats, egg whites, tons of vegetables, tons of fruit and lots of yogurt. I feel better than I have in a very long time. I am exercising and don't feel deprived at all. The only thing I am not eating is simple carbs and whole grains. The whole grains will come back into the diet after 17 days. For some of us, ME BEING ONE, it is the best type of diet/meal plan/lifestyle to live by. I am loving this program so far and am using everything about sparkpeople to gain even more from it. I am a huge fan of journaling, messaging, blogging, etc.
So please "Negative Nancys" out there... If you don't have the facts, don't make assumptions.... emoticon

3/24/11 10:10 P

I've looked into this a little bit and I don't think it's really a 'fad diet' either - the name is what has triggered the reaction from people who don't realize it's a series of 17 day 'cycles' and designed to help people change their lifetime eating habits by eliminating the high glucose-type foods and relying on healthier proteins, vegetables and so forth.

The '17 day' aspect is a little gimmicky but so what - the point is to make the change so if it works, don't fix it - as the saying goes! It's actually not much different from the SparkPeople plan or any others out there but has the aspect of focusing on a more rapid weight loss in the beginning.

Go for it and keep us posted on how you do!!

REDVELVET21 Posts: 1,833
3/24/11 9:45 P

I honestly don't think of this program as a fad diet. I see it as a way of changing your habits and letting you get a boost on your weight loss, however everyone has to do what is best for them. I like it because for a minute I felt as though the changes I was making wasn't showing any progress,I like how it says what are good foods to burn calories and which ones aren't. It tells you healthy options and the phases are to help you adjust. If you buy the book in B&N look for it online where you can find a good deal or on but if you by it in the stores it goes to run you around 25.00

3/24/11 1:50 P


My suggestion for helping get your lemon water down is not to think of it as warm water with a splash of lemon juice but to think of it as a tea. I drink lemon honey tea when I start to feel a sore throat or cough come on. I love it because it is a sweet and sour drink. I love sour stuff. Anyhow, my lemon honey tea is half a lemon worths of juice in warm water, about a tbsp of honey and a thin slice of the lemon in the warm water. Let sit for a couple of minutes and sip slowly.

Hope this helps ya!

EFAY32 Posts: 115
3/24/11 1:27 P

I do not know much about this diet... and I believe if you really want to try this diet, go for it. However, there's always going to be a new trendy diet to try. Just remember that a lot of what SP teaches is just healthy eating and exercise. If you don't like parts of this diet, I wouldn't do it. It's not setting yourself up for success. Best of luck with whatever you choose.

3/24/11 12:56 P

Where do we find the info on this diet

JENONTHECOAST SparkPoints: (38)
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3/24/11 12:32 P

I started this diet yesterday. I'm having horrible sugar cravings, but I guess that will pass after a few days. I am tired, but I think that is from cutting all the sugar out, too. This phase is short, but the book doesn't read like a "fad diet". It is more of a lifestyle change. Drastic at first, but gradually it gets more reasonable.

REDVELVET21 Posts: 1,833
3/23/11 2:13 A

I started it Sunday and I am on day 4 now, its not a bad thing at all, plus everybody is different so you have to do what works for you! I needed this because it helps to cleanse and reset the body so that I can process the carbs better than I was, plus I know with my body I can't do a lot of carbs. My body reacts differently to a lot of foods and since I have started the program I am not having headaches or acid reflux that I was having and the phase 1 doesn't even leave me hungry......

VKLINE326 Posts: 961
3/22/11 2:42 P

BrindySam- I loved your blog!

P.S. Not familiar with the 17 day diet

BRINDYSAM SparkPoints: (0)
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3/22/11 1:24 P

First...some of you need to read my blog..
_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=4110103 answer the QUESTION THAT WAS ASKED.... I also started The 17 Day Diet. The poster asked a question relating specifically to this diet and the judgements of her trying this are completely unnecessary.
To answer your question..I am still working on this. It is VERY hard as I am just trying to stomach eating breakfast right now. Adding in the lemon water is hard. I know it is suppose to help with the digestive juices and has been proven as effective through A LOT of research, but is so hard for me to handle first thing in the morning. I am also going to try Truvia or agave nectar and see if that helps. I like lemon water, but just not first thing in the morning. Good luck and I look forward to hearing about your success. emoticon

THE_GOPHER Posts: 328
3/17/11 1:46 P

The body naturally cleanses itself, so I don't understand cleansing at all.

Diets to me are outlawed in my house. They are short term and often lack teaching people how to handle the rest of their days AFTER the diet is done.

Also, I'm of the mindset that if you don't like something (like warm water and lemon), why torture yourself? Life and food should be enjoyed and learning to enjoy food in moderation, while meeting nutritional needs is more important IMHO.

KIAHT6 Posts: 267
3/17/11 11:56 A

Sounds like another diet scam. Dr Phil will endorse anything if he gets paid enough for it....

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/17/11 12:39 A

The word diet should have people running screaming away from it.. What happens the other 348 days of the year and maintenance? I rely on sparks before these fad diets..
Cleanses and jump starting are also mindsets.. Just give the body decent food that is lean.. Stick to the middle of the road options on sparks- it is safe..

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JEMPOWER Posts: 2,680
3/17/11 12:17 A

I haven't really heard of it.


RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
3/16/11 9:44 P

I'll stick with the 3,650 day cant even stomach the water in this diet.. and what happens on day 18..

hope you have some success with this.. sounds horrible though

3/16/11 9:01 P

I just started reading the 17 day diet and will be starting the 1st cycle next week so I can adjust the groceries as needed. My problem is I work nights so my meals are a little turned around. Also I don't want to deprive hubby of his carbs while I am limiting mine so I am going to try to find single servings for him. Other issue that I will have to diviate is that I am not one just to eat poultry and fish. I eat beef and pork each once a week. I don't like turkey substitutes. To me the taste and texture are not the same. All meats I use are extra lean and any fat is trimmed. I need to find something to break the platue and I hope this works. emoticon

3/14/11 11:32 A

I haven't tried the diet and probably wont because what I am doing is working for me but I do drink lemon juice in hot water every morning for my liver. I just add a teaspoon of honey and count the calories. You really do get used to it and look forward to it after a few days. At least I did and my liver and gallbladder have not caused me any problem since about a week after I started drinking it. Good Luck!

3/13/11 3:35 P

I bought a detox lemon herbal tea that is ok but i am not sure that it has to be warm does it say that in the book i did not notice

THEMANDIKAT SparkPoints: (0)
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3/7/11 11:16 A

I hear you.

To be honest, I do "cleanses" all the time, and that's essentially the same thing.. Trying to jump start the weight-burning and digestive system by sustaining on rice, beans, and veggies for a week isn't that different than taking on any other diet plan. I shouldn't have reacted so piously. :)

Definitely give updates on how it works for you! Should be interesting!

DEVILGIRL9500 Posts: 3
3/7/11 11:06 A

That is a good idea, I will have to try that tomorrow. I know it's called a "diet" but after reading the book it really is teaching you how to make eating healthy a lifestyle. It is Akins like in the beginning, but by the end you are eating everything.

NOW_OR_NEVER3 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3
3/7/11 11:06 A

I'm curious too!

THEMANDIKAT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,710)
Posts: 195
3/7/11 11:03 A

What don't you like about it? If it's too sour, why not try adding a little stevia? Or a teaspoon of agave nectar? Something to sweeten it up a bit?

I don't know.. I really am not a huge fan of "diets" that a person goes "on" and "off".. But if it works for you, congrats! :)

DEVILGIRL9500 Posts: 3
3/7/11 10:51 A

It was created by a Dr. and endorsed by Dr. Phil. There are 4 cycles, the first is basically just lean protein, fruits and veggies, the next cycle adds in more foods and some starches, and so on and so fourth. I have some family members who have had some success and I figure it is worth a shot! One thing he says in the book is to start each day with a cup of warm water with half of a lemon squeezed into it to jump start your metabolism, and I thought ok no problem....but it is gross and I could only get down about half of the cup.

REELCRAZY57 Posts: 37
3/7/11 10:46 A

I never heard of the 17 day diet. What is it?

DEVILGIRL9500 Posts: 3
3/7/11 10:37 A

I started the 17 day diet today, does anyone have any tips for drinking the warm lemon water? I just can't seem to get that down!

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