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Afternoon all you Sparkling People.

I start my healthy eating and gym on the 1st of September when my gym all you can membership starts.

I aim to lose at least 16lbs but think it might be more in the first Month as i have allot to lose and love the gym environment. So 4 days a week before work is my first goal for september combined with losing atleast 4lbs a week.

I have medical condition of a non existent thyroid aswell so lets hope meds assist me in getting my life back on track.

I wish you all luck and good health and hope you meet your individual goals.(I know 16lbs might be a large amount to some people who either way allot less or have already had the initial big losses at the beginning, sorry not intentionally setting goals that you can not realistic join in and meet)

Good Luck all. 1 lbs off is still better than the 1lbs on every so often that has got so many off us the 10's of lbs overweight..

When the week seems long and successes few
And at weigh in time you are feeling blue,
Remember tomorrow is just for you

To start again means a victory is been won
And starting over again means a race well run
And starting over again proves it can be done
So do not just sit there

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