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12/2/12 8:10 A

You will probably still experience weight loss but it won't be as fast or efficient as it would if you made healthy food choices.

There's a couple reasons for this but I'll give you a few big ones;

Saturated fats are difficult for your body to breakdown and are more likely to be stored as fat than healthy fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Simple carbs (refined grains and sugars) cause your GI to spike. Which makes your body produce insulin. Excess insulin gets stored as fat. Complex carbs do not cause a huge spike to your GI.

High sodium causes your body to retain water weight (bloat). You can easily shed 2-5 lbs by cutting your sodium intake down alone.

"Junk" food will not keep you as full as healthier choices. So it's likely you will feel hungrier and the food you are eating will be "less" food because it's calorie dense. You will be more likely to binge or fall off the wagon completely. Say you have double chocolate store bought muffin for breakfast that's about 400 cals. For that 400 cals you could have had an egg, oatmeal (with added goodies like peanut butter/milk/half a banana) and a greek yogurt with fruit. Which meal do you think will fill you up more?

People who view weight loss as getting healthy over just getting the weight off are far more sucessful in losing weight and keeping it off. People who just want the weight off are more likely to just eat more and put it back once they reach their goal weight. People who look at it as a healthy lifestyle change are more likely to keep it up after they've lost the weight.

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12/2/12 7:54 A

I went on a diet when I was in high school. I limited myself to 800 calories per day, and sometimes all I ate in a day was two huge pieces of chocolate cake. I lost weight, but I couldn't keep that up and eventually gained it back.

Besides all the other reasons listed below to eat well, a diet of nutrient-rich foods and lots of water seems to make you look good. You get that vital, healthy look that you don't get on a diet of sweets and junk.

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12/2/12 3:23 A

My thoughts are that is doesn't matter WHAT you eat to lose the weight, BUT if you want to remain healthy AS WELL as lose weight, then YES, it does matter.

Our body needs certain nutrients to function properly - a lot of fast foods and rubbish either don't have them, or they are so miniscule that they barely register.


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12/2/12 1:52 A

Technically, if 1500 calories is your range for weight loss, then as long as you stick with that, no matter what you eat, you'll lose weight. Mark Haub, a professor at Kansas State University, has shown this with the infamous "Twinkie Diet".

That said, it would probably be EASIER if you eat a healthy diet. Yes, you COULD eat junk and lose weight. However, junk food full of empty calories is likely going to leave you hungry and with fluctuating energy levels.

For example, if I ate a McDonald's Quarter Pounder w/Cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and ate NOTHING ELSE for the day, that would put me at around 1500 calories. I probably would not be sated with that, though. I'd still be hungry, and would have to fight that to not eat any more and stay in my range. I'd also probably feel sick and lethargic. COULD I lose the weight on such a diet? Theoretically, yes. But it would be difficult, and not very fun. It would probably stress me out and wear me out. There are smarter options.

By learning nutrition, you can learn how to balance your diet so you can feel full and energized while still losing weight. Balancing healthy fats, lean proteins, and complex carbs will help you enjoy your diet and your life a lot more than loading up on junk food.

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11/30/12 10:07 A

As everybody else has said, its a terrible idea.

Nutrition matters
health matters.

You may lose weight eating 1500 calories of ice cream every day, but you won't be happy, healthy or nutritionally sound.

make the effort to learn about food and nutrition. Its worth it.

AMARISRON Posts: 1,205
11/30/12 7:59 A

If you focus on a lot of high fiber and high protien foods you could add a treat in a day and FEEL like you are eating what you want and STILL feel full! AND learn new livestyle choices....

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11/29/12 4:45 P

What are your goals? Your body will get sick and eventually die without certain nutrients, regardless of caloric intake.

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11/29/12 3:25 P

Here is what will happen if your 1500 is made up of mostly junk foods or refined flours and sugars.

You will likely lose weight, maybe for a week or two. But during that time and after, your energy levels will be yo-yo-ing...high, low, high etc. You will not be able to exercise intensely. You will be lacking in the protein needed to build any muscle, if you do find the energy at all. After a while of all this, during the lows, you'll be reaching for quick energy, compounding the problem with more unhealthy food, and likely going over your calorie range. You need caffeine to help your energy also. Not to mention your vitamins and fibre...your skin will suffer, teeth, bowels. And you'll be hungry...ALOT. Those energy spikes and dips will have your stomach growling for half the day.

What little weight loss you were able to achieve by being at 1500 cals/day will also be heavily mitigated by the insulin spikes in your blood, due to the high glycemic index nature of your food. If you aren't burning those cals pretty quickly after eating (again, if you manage to get the energy to do so with the lack of vitamins and minerals), those insulin spikes will result in fat storage. This is the eating regime at 1500 cals could actually cause weight gain, while another at 2000 cals could cause weight loss - it all depends on WHAT went into those numbers, which is at least as important as the numbers themselves.

I know you aren't proposing a junk food diet...but I hope this illustrates what many are saying here.

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11/29/12 3:10 P

For weight loss, calories are king! You actually could lose weight on junk food if you were eating less than you were burning.

If I only ate junk food while trying to lose weight, my energy levels would be awful and I would feel hungry all the time. Yuck, no thanks!

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (81,454)
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11/29/12 1:45 P

Of course it matters - 1500 calories of fast food and twinkies does not equal 1500 calories of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and lean meats. They may have the same amount of calories but you will not be getting ANY health benefits if you eat crap.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/29/12 12:41 P

I am curious what you mean by anything. If you think that eating 1500 calories of cookies, cakes and other assorted junk food-- then no. But if you mean a mix of veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, and lean protein-- then go for it.

Junk food and fast food have absolutely no nutritional value.

Your body needs certain nutrients, a certain amount of carbs, a certain amount of healthy fats, a certain amount of oxygen, and a certain amount of sleep to function at its best.

I am not stuck on a number of calories. With what i eat, getting to a certain amount may be difficult as veggies and fruit don't have an overwhelming amount of calories in them. I just have to watch my nuts and seeds.

BARBWMS Posts: 1,396
11/29/12 12:32 P

Think of it as putting the best quality fuel in your precious machine!

What I find is that a balance of nutrients works best since I don't get hungry and tempted to splurge . I am sensitive to salt and avoid as much as I can; and I also find that REAL food is tasting better than things where I can't pronounce the ingredients!

And the body is healthier and stronger when you provide it adequate amounts of high quality protein, carbs and fats.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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11/29/12 11:44 A

Probably, but what will you be learning about healthy eating for the rest of your life?

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
11/29/12 10:58 A

As has been said, you can lose weight, even eating crap foods, as long as you're creating a caloric deficit. That being said, you won't be getting proper nutrition. The other downside to eating mostly junk foods is that you can eat a lot more healthy food for 1500 calories then you can junk. Just a regular cheeseburger and small fries from McDonald's is 530 calories 530 with 23 grams of fat. So you're at 1/3 of your calories for one (small-ish) meal. You could eat 5 or 6 small to medium apples for that amount of calories and less fat. Obviously, that's not great for you either, but it's just to kind of emphasize the point. You'll feel more satiated if you're eating healthier because, generally speaking, you'll be able to eat more.

When I first started I did a mix. I still do, but I'm trying to move into eating healthier. I wouldn't eat candy or donuts daily or anything, but they work in a healthy food plan as treats.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
11/29/12 10:15 A

If 1500 is in your range, you will lose weight, but will you get proper nutrition? Probably not.

STEPHEN_NANNY SparkPoints: (0)
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11/29/12 9:40 A

For both health reasons, and for implementing a practical weight loss regime over time, and for sustaining your loss after reaching your goal: yes, it matters.

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11/29/12 9:35 A

if i stay under 1500 calories does it matter what i eat or can i eat anything i want as long as i stay under calorie limit

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