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8/26/11 10:59 P

It depends on your weight.... height....and a formula... so if you weigh... 280 you would lose a lot quicker at 1500 calories a day then if you weighed 122. yes go to start weigh in and goals.,, orange at top left

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8/26/11 9:46 P

The SP calculator for rate of weight loss is on your start page, under "My goals and progress" just below the little part for "calories eaten." There is a link for "Eat between 1200 and 1550 calories per day Change" and the 'change' is a link to the calculators page.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
8/26/11 9:15 P

playing in the yard with the kids is cardio.. I had my ribs sticking out when I played 4-5 hours a night outside.. try that, and then see how you lose at 15-1600 cals, and if not, then lower it till the scale moves a bit.

Just make sure that you are getting as much nutrition, and no wasted calories.. your body will send you in search of it, if it feels deprived.

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8/26/11 5:42 P

Thank You! :)

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8/26/11 5:41 P

Thank You! :)

LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
8/26/11 5:40 P

I think there is a place on spark where you can enter your goal weight and it will tell you how long it will take to get there based on their recommended calorie range. But if you can't find that then try this link
to figure out your daily deficit then use this link
to figure out your goal date.

For me 1500 calories a day is a little bit less than 1lb a week when I'm sedentary most of the day. But if you have more weight to lose and/or are taller then you'll lose more at the same calorie amount because your deficit would be greater. Assuming about 1lb a week is probably going to be the most realistic goal since it's hard to keep up a 2lb a week calorie deficit without exercise.

It can be difficult to stick to 1500 or less; you have to eat pretty cleanly to do it without feeling hungry....but once you start eating mostly cleanly you may find it is hard to reach 1500 and have to worry about eating enough some days.

NIRERIN Posts: 12,335
8/26/11 4:54 P
this is a link with how your spark ranges are calculated. if you find out how many calories you burn, then subtract how many you consume, you'll get your daily deficit. then divide that deficit into 3500 and that is how many days it would take you to lose a pound.

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8/26/11 4:51 P

Thanks, I guess I could get them in on it, instead of out of my way. Lol! :)

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8/26/11 4:49 P

Add veggies to favorite dishes to bulk them up and reduce calorie count per serving, and floor calisthenics can be 'fun' for kids too. If you can add some strength training like push ups, reverse crunches, lunges and squats as well. These can be done 5 or 10 here and there through out the day. With stronger muscles your metabolism speeds up emoticon

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8/26/11 4:46 P

Yes, we have dance time usually while i'm making dinner! :) It's super hot, so we can't play outside until dusk (Florida, Gulf Coast Region). I'm not really trying to lose it at a specific speed, just, lose it. Slowly but Surely is good for me :) I gained 30 lbs with my daughter (2) and it just stuck! lol. I'm about to finish my degree in December, So, I guess I like to buy a couple sizes smaller when I go shopping for new work clothes. :) Ultimately I'd like to lose 50 pounds. I do try to sneak in exercise when I can. I guess I just want to be able to " see the horizon" and know (realistically) based on my lifestyle and calorie intake how long it will take to get there.

23KAIYA Posts: 4,908
8/26/11 4:38 P

How fast are you trying to lose weight? Can you play with the kids at a park, or move the sofa and dance with them in the living room? There are a lot of things to consider with weight loss and many 'tricks' to fit in exercise with small kiddos around.

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8/26/11 4:35 P

I am currently trying to consume around 1500 calories a day. Most days I go over by 2-300 calories. Working on that... What I need to figure out is, at what rate will I lose weight soley on the consumption of 1500 calories with no deliberate exercise? I can't afford a gym, and I have three children 2,4,6 So I don't get much time for floor exercises either. I take stairs when I have the option, I park far from the store etc... I just want to be able to have a realistic expectation. Thanks :)

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