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KASHMIR Posts: 14,533
3/24/11 11:06 P

I've been sick, going to try to get back on track myself tomorrow

TONYAWC1976 Posts: 137
3/24/11 11:02 P

I am in, but I have to start tomorrow. I think this is just what I need.

KASHMIR Posts: 14,533
3/18/11 9:03 A

Didn't track yesterday, but way too much soda bread, Irish cheddar, and Irish butter...

Today will be much better!

MARCIEFIT Posts: 724
3/18/11 2:24 A

Great moderate day of eating! Just below 1200.

KASHMIR Posts: 14,533
3/16/11 11:36 P

Was sick and didn't track a couple days.
3/15 was 1377, but I burned 507 calories, so happy with the day

3/16 1182

tomorrow will have to be a higher calorie day to make it up a bit.

KASHMIR Posts: 14,533
3/13/11 10:51 A

Cool! I ran 4.5+ miles yesterday, but still managed to have a good nutrition day.

3/12 - 1309

MARCIEFIT Posts: 724
3/13/11 8:10 A

I'm in. Time to get ready for summer!

KASHMIR Posts: 14,533
3/12/11 9:57 A

day 1. 3/11 - 1334

A little higher than I wanted to be, but since I exercised my deficit made up the difference.

KASHMIR Posts: 14,533
3/11/11 7:59 P

When I first started here on Spark People back in 2006, there was a message thread called the 1200 Calories a Day Challenge. The goal wasn't to eat 1200 cals, but to eat between 1200-1300 calories a day. It was great motivation for me, and I managed to consistently lose 1-2 lbs every week.

Anyone intersted in joining me?

Just post your total calories eaten today tomorrow morning. Maybe we can support each other and I can get back to my goal weight again!

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