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1/28/12 7:29 P

Hi Erin, it's good to have you onboard with us!! A lot of us certainly know that scared feeling of failing but I can promise you if you will stay connected here with SP, you will begin to see changes in yourself that you will LOVE!

You WILL have those horrible days but you'll also have those awesome days & the support you give & receive here at SP will help you soo much on your journey to a healthier you!!

Just start with those small changes & you will soon feel more motivated & less scared!


PHIRE42 Posts: 54
1/28/12 7:16 P

"Your past does NOT equal your future." -Anthony Robbins

I know the fear you are talking about. The trick is to not let a mistake start a downward spiral. In "The Spark" emoticon the book written by the creators of this site, they remind us that we have a tendency to make one mistake and then use that mistake as an excuse to give up for the day and start again tomorrow... and then the next day, you use the poor day yesterday to just plain give up... The trick is to go ahead and eat that greasy hamburger if you make the decision to eat it... but record it and try to compensate by eating something lighter next time.

Just yesterday I had a 1000 calorie meal... one meal! But I really wanted it, and I made the decision to eat it, and then I ate low calorie food the rest of the day. I went over my "allotment" but not a huge amount and tomorrow I'll go under...the trick is to get RIGHT back on track after a lazy day or after a bigger meal. You CAN do it!!!

Welcome and remember that there are so many of us here going through the same things ready to help when you need it!


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1/28/12 6:04 P

emoticon emoticon

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1/28/12 5:19 P

Hi, my name is Erin. I have steadily gained 10 pounds a year for quite some time now. I am sick of looking and feeling the way I do and think that I am finally ready to make a change. I am scared that I will fail yet again but my goal is to stay positive!

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