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1/12/13 11:15 A

Walking, it's easy, it's cheap and can be done anywhere even if's around your living room!

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1/11/13 3:34 P

I LOVE dancing to the song "Dancing in the Streets" by Martha & the Vandells. It has a perfect beat for dancing to. I pick up 2 cans of Campbell's Soup in the same ounces and use them as hand weights. It worked perfect for me the 1st time around in 2006 and is working for me again. Good luck & welcome to Spark People.

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1/6/13 6:52 A

A 10-minute walk or taking the stairs is always a good thing!

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1/5/13 1:02 A

Here are some great resources for you to try:

Ten Minute Workout (click on any of the listed exercises to see a demo):

Article: Small bits of fitness add up

Ten Minutes Beginners Pilates Video:

Ten Minutes Daily Exercise Streak Challenge (Team):

When I first started on SparkPeople, I used walking for my exercise. Walking is a great way to introduce some fitness into your life, when you aren't used to it. It doesn't require a lot of special equipment (although a good pair of shoes doesn't hurt), and can be done any where.

But really, anything that gets your heart rate up and lasts for ten minutes is beneficial. Dance to three songs on the radio, do some lunges while vacuuming, or climb up and down your stairs at home. Once you get the hang of adding more activity into your day, you will find many opportunities waiting for you to "grab" hold and go!

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1/4/13 9:38 P

So...I'm in the Fast Break stage and am looking to start exercising. The "Coach" recommends at least ten minutes a day. I am pretty out of shape and don't have much of the strength or flexibility I used to have. Any ideas for quick, easy, but effective 10 minute exercise ideas?

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