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You can buy 12 taco shells at WALMART "GREAT VALUE" BRAND FOR $1
Most Great Value Brand canned goods are 67 cents and are usually low in sodim and sugar.
18 Chicken Legs are usually aound $6.50 and sometimes you can get whole chickens for $3.00

A sleeve of black Beans sm 1.29 and large 2.00, get a receipe for black bean is very filling. I agree make a large meatloaf or turkey loaf whichever ground is on sale. To stretch the recipe and add a blast of nutrition, mix plenty of chopped & sautéed onions, carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms, or other vegetables into the loaf.

A huge bag of brown rice. Try Kashi's $2.99 for the box....add Cumberland Gap ham cubes which are Around $3.00

Onion and cucumber salad...made with one onion and a couple of cucumber and sour cream ( or Plain Greek Yogurt...recipe for this should be in Sparkpeople somewhere...

1 Hormel Pork Roast (Garlic & onion flavorered) around $6 and can be shaved for tacos...or made into pulled pork sandwiches.

1 small 10lb turkey Breast or sm turkey @10lb is around 12.00, again can feed several and take the bone and left over scraps and make turkey soup.

1 box of Orzo Noodles usually 1.29, a small pasta

Oscar Mayer Family Size shaved Turkey around 5.99 (Wally World )

Make chili serve ontop of brown rice or 2 ounces of brown noodles.

Dont let anything go to waste...take extras of anything and make a stir fry and combined lean protein with moderate amounts of fiber rich, non starchy vegetables

Stuffed Green Peppers Made with Ground Sirlion or ground turkey even stiffed cabbage , rice with ground meat and cabbage is cheap

A huge box of Original Cheerios at WALMART IS AROUND $3.00 AND 2 1/2 DOZEN EGGS ARE AROUND 6 BUCKS...EGG SALAD SANDWICHES, EGG SALAD ON A BED OF LETTUCE, eggs for breakfast. Yo can a buy 5 dozen eggs there.

Popcorn real popcorn to air pop...put it on the conter it will go fast and is a cheap snack and loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Hope this gives you some ideas to work with.

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1/31/13 1:43 P

Have you tried batch cooking? When you make spaghetti, meatloaf, chili, tacos, just triple the amounts you would usually make. Spaghetti can be used as lunch, meatloaf can be made into tacos and sandwiches, chili can be added to noodles or cornbread. Chicken and Rice is another low budget staple. You can eat is as if a few meals then make egg foo yung patties by adding egg and some veggies. You can also substitute some of the meat for TVP Textured Vegetable Protein, as this will cut your costs in half.

As far as milk goes only allow it at breakfast. If your get free breakfasts and lunches at school this is another way to save tons of money. Then you are only worried about the adults breakast and lunches. I have successfully fed my family for 50 dollars a week for years. I now spend 40, as our oldest has moved out.

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1/30/13 11:53 P

Your request reminded me of a cookbook I used to have. I've sinced blessed a charity group with it for resale. The premise is that the recipes and ideas would be good for the planet. But I feel they are also good for your pocket book. Not necessarily for your waistline, so you are going to have to filter through and decide what is on your meal plan.

A new version of the book: More-with-Less is available at Amazon, but you might be able to find the older version a lot cheaper.

And they have a website where some recipes are available free without purchasing the book. I think that site will give you lots of ideas of how to manage.

And it sounds like you might have a few kids?? What about involving them in planting some key ingredients for meals like peas, beans, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, broccoli, salad greens? 1 large house might have enough room to grow quite a bit of produce. Or is there a place close by for a community garden.

If that is impossible, take advantage of pick-your-own farms when in season. Where I live in Florida, I have a u-pick-strawberries farm that is open Thursday - Saturday, starting tomorrow morning. I plan to be there, and to freeze what I pick for morning smoothies with bananas and the greens from my garden. Great nutrition, and you don't taste the greens!!

Good luck on the downsizing, or should I say grow-sizing?

I'd think you'd be looking for ways to give everyone their space or privacy or own special time.

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Serve whole grain bread and butter as a side dish to stretch the meal. Homemade bread is very inexpensive. Start a weekly baking time on weekends.

Make homemade soup.

Use the crock pot to cook the least expensive beef you can find.

For snacks, try popcorn, toast with honey and cinnamon, or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

For breakfasts, serve oatmeal, toast, or eggs. French toast can be made with day old bread.

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I cook for seven on a limited budget and I do it with cooking healthy soups served with bread, or vegetable chicken stir fry over rice, or linguini with spinach and Italian sausage cut up; or chicken spinach enchiladas, or veggie lasagna. Sometimes I make a couple of pizzas which I serve with a tossed salad. I find making my own Italian dressing wit Good Seasons packets and olive oil for oil, is a big saving and a lot less messy (with all the bottled dressings on the table) Often I will dress the salad just before dinner and everyone can put it on the same plate as dinner. (Trying to save on dishes, pots and pans has become a challenge that I love to solve) I cook a lot of meals in the wok, some in a slow cooker.

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emoticon We recently combined two households so we could comfortably pay our bills and stay ahead a lil with only one problem....I have 10 people to cook for now and a limited budget if anyone has any suggestions i am all ears!!!!!

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