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9/16/14 3:36 A

Hi, new on this website. I had surgery 2 1/2 years really amost 3 years now. Looking for people who can relate. Hope we can be friends and help each other.

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7/7/14 4:59 P

I hope you're doing well. I am
About 10 1/2 months post op VSG.

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7/2/14 11:25 P

I just made it to my 1 year surgiversary since my gastric sleeve surgery. I don't regret it although in the beginning I had my days. But I just wish I had done it sooner - but since I am just over a year since surgery my body is adjusting and I am really having to fight to keep going to reach goal.

But since being overweight most of my life - I still have to deal with osteo arthritis, hip bursitis, feet problem and knee problems and lower back issues. These problems don't affect me as much as they used to - but it limits my ability to exercise very much.

As well with my eating - struggling lately getting enough water down, and even when being careful struggle with keeping carbs down.

So wanted to share and get ideas from others at this point in the journey - realizing everyones body is different .......

Lisa (Texas)

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