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3/19/13 9:06 P

What I'd love more than anything is to have a Spark Friend who lived in the general area so we could exercise together occasionally, get together, perhaps share recipes/an occasional meal. A REAL LIVE PERSON! emoticon

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3/19/13 9:01 P

If there was just 1 thing, that your fellow Spark Friends could do for you, what would it be!

1) Would it be great if they stopped by your Spark Page whenever they could and leave an encouraging comment?
2) Would it be to read your blog and let you know what they think of it? Like it helped them or they agree with your perspective!
3) Read your message board post and respond? To you personally or directly to what you posted or with out interaction directed at you but just so that they came be encouraged and supported without bothering you?
4) Just hit a Liked button where every it is associated with something you did or accomplished!
5) Try to get to know you personally or just interact with you in passing as they zoom through their day?
6) Should they just be thankful that you are providing them with an opportunity to gain Spark Points and not bother you with actually interacting with you personally?
7) Should they help fill up your Spark Goodies as long as you don't need to actually get to know them?
8) Should they share their personal struggles but not venture into your personal life with probing questions or do you feel like someone cares when they make special effort to get to know you better?
9) Is it helpful if they try to share an article that has helped them or are you on your on agenda and limited with the amount of effort you want to waste here because life doesn't happen online?
10) Is it helpful if they ask how your are doing with specific goals you share or is that too much pressure because you are the only one that you need to be accountable to?
11) Would it for them to just to say thank you when you've done something for them? Or do you do the things you do without need of knowing that you are appreciated because you just do those things for others because you just love to do them?

These are just some possibilities and there are loads more! My point of this blog is to get you thinking about what it is specifically that your Spark Friends can do to help you reach your goal! Then I suggest that you ask for them to do just what it is you think can help you most! It's a simple as posting your request in a blog or you can try in the message boards! You can make a request with your status line or you can post a request in one of your team threads! Or maybe you can post it here and someone might read it and respond favorably with that thing that you need to succeed!

You are an individual and only you know what it is that you need to succeed! But this awesome site is filled with people just like you! They have similar wants and needs but no one knows what the other needs unless it is expressed in some way! And if you don't get the response you are looking for, don't give up! Maybe you can start helping others in the way that you believe you need help and then someone might reciprocate in kind!

I am still new here and I'd love to help in whatever way I can! I'm just not sure what is the best way I can help you! You are special and worthy of the time and effort! You have something that everyone needs and there many waiting to share it with them! Your interest! Your opinion! Your perspective! Your encouragement! Your laugh! Your response! Your ideas! Without another person with which someone to share life's ups and downs, ins and outs, life can be boring!

This website would be the success that it is without you! So no that you matter! Know that you being who you are can brighten someone's day! There are times when we need help and then there are times when we can help others!

Do you need help? Do you have help that you can give to others? I hope that the answer to both of these is yes! Because in these 2 things, I becomes we! And when we put our hearts, our minds, and our muscle together, there is nothing that we can't overcome!

So if there was just 1 thing, what would it be!
I'd just like to help, if you would let me!

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