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3/7/11 2:42 P

I have to admit that I sometimes resent all the time it takes to get through SP each day. The page refresh rate drives me nuts, along with the fact that I have to scroll down on EVERY SINGLE PAGE to do anything. (Don't any of their programmers work on a laptop? We don't all have big screen monitors!)

So - I'm in & will do my best to offset my SP butt time with jumping jacks. Thanks for the suggestion!

Eva - Portland, Oregon USA
CHOOWY Posts: 4,240
3/7/11 2:39 P

Heh-heh....I have no solution for that!!! emoticon

JULIE2719 Posts: 591
3/7/11 2:34 P

Excellent! I love being on SP but it can be such a time drain - jumping jacks are excellent - but they can make me pee my pants!

Running is becoming a joy!
CHOOWY Posts: 4,240
3/7/11 2:32 P

I like that idea too! Sometimes I just get this dull, sedentary feeling and I need to stretch my legs too...especially mid-afternoon.

KLPEFFERS Posts: 987
3/7/11 2:20 P

Very Cool!!!
I have a VERY sedentary desk job and set a timer to go off every 45 minutes and force myself to get up and take a "lap" around the floor. At least it gets me off my duff!

Life is not the way it's supposed to be, it's the way it is. Its how we deal with it that matters.
CHOOWY Posts: 4,240
3/7/11 2:01 P

Everyone do what you can, whether it's a few or a lot. Jax, pushups, squats, dancing....whatever floats your boat. Let's just break up the "sit in front of the computer" time!

Keep me posted on your progress! emoticon

DONNABRIGHT Posts: 11,599
3/7/11 12:46 P

I'll give it a shot but not sure I can do a full minute to start.

Loughman, FL
We CAN do this!
KEELYME Posts: 1,157
3/7/11 12:45 P

I do something similar around tv commercials. Usually crunches.

NEWME70 Posts: 833
3/7/11 12:34 P

I love this idea! But, I'm going to do push ups instead since I can't do jumping jacks. Thanks for thinking of this!

CHOOWY Posts: 4,240
3/7/11 12:26 P

Good idea!

Fitness Minutes: (942)
Posts: 88
3/6/11 6:05 P

I'm going to add mine up, and then I'll do them as a warm-up for my strength training later. :)

CHOOWY Posts: 4,240
3/6/11 3:29 P

Welcome aboard!

I broke my jax into 3 1-minute sets. It didn't seem so daunting that my pace was just a teensy bit faster than 1/sec. I guess I can expect to do about 60 then and I don't have to watch a clock.

Actually, it made me feel enegetic now! emoticon

LORTHOM2001 Posts: 3,676
3/6/11 3:16 P

nice one going there. i need to do that toooooo. i spend soooo much time on here trying to read all the articles, get the points,track my food...those many mins. do add up to "not losing weight" time. jumpjax here i come

CHOOWY Posts: 4,240
3/6/11 2:23 P

Cool! Okay, I've got to do 3 minutes, since I've been on an hour. It's on!

Fitness Minutes: (942)
Posts: 88
3/6/11 1:49 P

I definitely want to do this. I'm going to set my phone alarm to go off every 20 minutes so I know.

CHOOWY Posts: 4,240
3/6/11 1:48 P

For every 20 minutes on Sparkpeople...

I spend so much time sitting for close to an hour every day on Sparkpeople trying to get all my sparkpoints.

Anyone want to do this with me?

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