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8/17/13 4:55 P

Way to keep a good attitude about it! A 0.4lb "gain" is totally normal for me, even when I'm losing at a good clip. A tough workout or a hormonal shift and I'll easily "gain" 5 times that, then drop it all at once a few days later. And even if it's a genuine fat gain, it's such a small amount that it'll be gone pretty quickly.

8/17/13 4:08 P

Sending encouragement for continued success!
This little gain is nothing to be too concerned about!

If you gain again next week---it may be time to update your program.
How many calories are in your SP range?
What is your calorie intake on most days?

Your SP Registered Dietitian

8/17/13 3:08 P

.4 lbs is like if you drank a cup of water prior to weighing in. I really wouldn't worry about it.

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8/17/13 1:35 P

Well it has been my first gain since I started on Sparkpeople. I can't complain. I know I would have loved to see the negative on the scale but I can say that my clothing is fitting much better and I am still going to keep going. This is only a small bump in a long journey.

I have two more weeks till I get to go on a vacation with my Hubby. I am 3 lbs. away from what I weighed the day we got married. Which still is a high number but at least I can say the 30 some lbs. I had gained are gone.

So excited to keep seeing what is to come.

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